Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let the good time roll!

What a month November was.  Not only did it contain my 45th birthday, but it was also Movember - for those two things alone, it doesn't end a moment too soon.  I've been noticing men wearing mustaches a lot more, and let's just say it doesn't suit every males.  It's for a good cause, but man oh man, a lot of them looked like they were competing for a Ron Jeremy Look-A-Like or that creepy uncle look... eurk!

I will say this for November though, it's been nice weather wise.  We only had snow once, and within two days it was all melted due to clement temperature.

It is also the end of my daily posting - yay me, for doing it!  It was somewhat rough at times, but I did manage to get in something daily.  Won't be doing that again soon.  I'll keep on posting, but because I want not because I impose myself some obligation to do it.

Last night show was pretty good.  I enjoyed it.  He sounded just like he does on CD.  He seemed to enjoy Montreal as well, he also seemed like a nice guy who does enjoy his job.  It's nice to see a performer enjoying himself.  
James Blunt surfing the Montreal crowd to get to see his fans, Bell Centre, Nov 29, 2011

A nice way to close a month that is too often referred to as a deadly month.  Now, let's the festivities begin!  

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