Saturday, December 03, 2011

That would be just too obvious...

A while ago I've read a joke about this man looking for parking for a while and having to get to his appointment, decided to ask God for help.  He said he would go back to church, made all sorts of promises if only God would grant him a parking spot near where he was going.  A spot opened up right by him, so he parked and then told God, to forget about it, he'd find parking.  That is so typical.

I know many of us don't believe in God, or whatever else we wish to call it.  We all have or reasons for believing or not.  I was raised Catholic and at some point in time, realized I didn't really believe in Church.  I served mass until the age of 18, and then distanced myself from it all.  I guess a part of me believed in something but couldn't (and still can't) say what.  I've been on the spiritual path for a few years.  I'm still not a big Church person.  I've always believed there is something, don't know where, or why, but I've always thought the dead weren't completely gone and were still around to help us.  I know, I'm weird (as if you didn't know that by now!), but I chose to believe that those who loved me alive still do so once dead.

Tonight I have two parties: one with people I see twice/week and one at a client's.  I wanted to attend both.  More than one person told me it would be hard, and Hubby insisted that I wouldn't really enjoyed neither one, since I would leave one to go to the other.  His argument made sense.  I didn't know what to do.  Yesterday morning, while taking my shower, I was debating what I should do and if I should only attend one.
I've decided to ask for a sign or something.  In the past, I've done this and it worked. I know, some people, like Hubby, say it is just coincidences, but I don't think so.  My biggest proof was in 2004, when I'd lost my father's diamond ring on the beach in Tsambika (on Rhodos, in Greece) and found it the next day. 

Yesterday, when I asked for a sign as to what to do, I did say that if I should attend both parties, I should have two exact things in our mail - weird I know (told you I was!). After my shower, I got dressed and went to get our mail. When I got everything out of the mailbox, I almost started to laugh when I saw there were two exact info letters in our mail.  What are the odds, really? 

So... tonight, I'm not going to one, but two parties!


Seeker said...

Lol! I have sometimes asked for signs myself and it is surprising just how often I do receive an 'answer'. You are certainly not weird!

I hope you really enjoy both your parties! xx

Stinkypaw said...

Seeker: Thank you for that!

In the end, I only attended one... but it was good.