Sunday, December 25, 2011

What a way to spend Christmas Eve

We followed the concierge's suggestion and went to Cuvée for diner, and this despite the bad reviews we read online.  Hubby was tempted to cancel our reservation, but I suggested that we'd give it a try.  What a pleasant surprise that was. 

The look of the place was nice (a fire pit in the middle of the courtyard, trees decorated (Christmas lights). After about 20 min of waiting, we were offered a private room rather than wait longer.  We didn't mind being by ourselves and thought others would join us.  We (read I) picked a table closest to the fireplace, and that is how started our very nice Christmas Eve diner. 

It was a four services meal which started with "Marinated King Salmon Cluster" - deliciously fresh. Then I had the "Wild Mushroom Arborio" - great taste of mushrooms and creamy. For the Main dish I had chosen "Pan Roasted Sea Scallops" with white truffles, but the Sky Hill Chevre on top didn't do it for me, so Hubby, being the great husband that he is, swap with me for his "Durham Ranch Hanger Steak" which was really good and more in my palette of taste.  Finally, for dessert I had "Hazelnut Pot de Crème"; a chocolate hazelnut custard with a crunchy praline bark and some whipped cream - very yummy.  Since I don't drink, I didn't take their wine pairing, but Hubby did and really enjoy it all.  I will say this, after this trip and after visiting some wineries in the days to come, I might be coming home with a new appreciation for wine... time will tell.

It was one of the nicest meal we've had in a while. Our assigned waitress was super nice, and added to the success of it all.  Hubby was concerned that being in a room by ourselves we may be forgotten, but it really wasn't the case, quite the contrary.  It wasn't cheap, but it was worth it for sure. Yep, this week in Napa is boding well...