Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Something else

I had invited two friends over for dinner.  One of them is 73 and the other is 62.  The younger one drives the other one around.  The older one is something else.  She never stops.

I had decided to invite them because I wanted a chance to talk with the older one, plus I knew she liked my husband - she actually loves all men.  I also know she's sick.  She had breast cancer many years ago, but it came back and this time went to her stomach. She's been sick, loss a lot of weight.  She had multiple surgeries, complications but through it all she maintained her good spirits, never stopped cracking jokes nor stopped flirting.  She's something else.

We talked about many different things, laughed a lot and enjoyed our time together.  The older one has a gift.  She sees things.  Or maybe I should write she feels things.  No matter what, she's something else.

She saw our cat.  He went to her.  She asked about his age, and pet him some.  While the younger one and Hubby were talking together, she told me to prepare myself to mourn my kitty.  She asked if I knew he had cancer.  She told me a few time to be ready to let him go. She told me that I would know when it would be time.

A few weeks ago, while watching "We Bought A Zoo" I cried and asked Hubby if I would know when Tobi's time came.  I don't want him to suffer (I"m hoping he's not suffering at the moment, he doesn't act like he is, but who knows, really). Hubby tried to reassure me by saying that I knew when it was time for our pooch, so I would know.  I hope so.

While she was here, we also talked about her cancer.  It has metastasize to her liver, bones, brain and spine.  She also knows she'll be dying soon.  She talked about it with such a calmness and peace it was nice to see.  I respect her so much for her strength. She still goes dancing twice a week. She really is something else.

A few hours they left, I was sitting in the office, catching up on some blogs when I heard Tobi, our cat, sleeping behind me making strange noises.  He came next to me and basically emptied himself.  He hadn't done that in a long time.  In the past after doing that, he would go back to his food and eat some.  Hubby tried giving him treats and some of his favorite food, but Tobi didn't want anything.  I have a feeling I will have to get ready faster than I thought.  He will be 17 years old in a few days.  He's constantly with me.  He's my buddy, my companion.

He's currently curled up, in his bed, by my desk.  Every day I tell him he can go if he chooses to.  He's been a great companion, a great cat which I love dearly.  We will be going away in August for two weeks, and we've reserved a place for him at the vet's office.  He needs medication twice a day, so it is easier to have him at the vet's.  I've been toying with an idea and when I did ask Hubby what he thought if instead of having him boarded for the duration of our time away, I was to have him taken out of his misery.  According to Hubby, he doesn't seem to be suffering. He started eating again and he's been passing stools.  I just don't want him to suffer on my account.  It may read strange that I would think of something like this, but seeing him sick breaks my heart.  I know he's old, and yet he still has some playfulness in him.  He was chasing his shadow earlier.  He's so frail.  He cracks worst than I do when he walks.  He's also deaf.  Nowadays he's ignoring me not only because he's a cat with cattitude, but because he just doesn't hear me. It will not be easy, and I'm trying really hard to prepare myself for what's coming.  Like my friend, he's something else...


Technogran said...

Cat's are so wonderful, they are without a doubt my all time favourite animals. You get so much pleasure from them, and they can be so funny, when it came to the time for our cat to go (liver problems) I had to put him to sleep simply because he wouldn't take his medicine, used to look as if he'd swallowed it, and then spit it out somewhere else. I can't advise you what to do, but don't let him go on because you can't let him go.

Marius said...

It's the hardest decision to make, but you'll know when it's the right time. He'll let you know.

annettesblog said...

beautiful blog and beautifully written.
That lady sounds wonderful.
I think you will know when your cat is ready to go,the look she will give you will tell you, its a "I'm tired" look. so many people say this.
It will break your heart but please just think of all the good times he gave you.

Seeker said...

It is just so hard when a pet gets old! I used to pray often for our dog to die quietly in his sleep.

I really hope that you do not have to make that terrible decision.