Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One dickhead too many.

Any construction people out there, reading this?  If so, maybe you could answer this. Why is it that time doesn't exist in your world?  Why is it that you bother to give your customer a time and only show up two hours later?  Is it time that don't exist or respect?  I wonder.

Proof of the leak
When we came back from our road trip, in August, we noticed in the kitchen, that during our absence something had leaked on our counter.  Everything was dry, but we could see that it came from the ceiling, thus our dickhead neighbor, once again.I called him and asked him to come down.  He did, and after him looking at everything and trying to argue that nothing leaked from his place, he did eventually admit that his dishwasher had a leak.  Oh, really?  You think?

Long story short, we are now undergoing some repair work (at his expenses, since he caused the damages, again) of a part of our kitchen ceiling.  The work started yesterday.  It was demolition day.  They had to open up the ceiling, remove the wet insulation and make sure things were dry before closing back everything.  As you can imagine our kitchen was a mess.  Even if they covered the cabinets and appliances, dust has this funny habit of getting in everywhere.

Today they plastered.  They left and came back later thinking they could start the sanding, but it wasn't dry so it will be tomorrow - talk about prolonging the pleasure.

What is getting to me is the fact that, once again, we're the ones having to clean up after our moronic neighbor's lack of judgement.  He knew his dishwasher leaked, so why did he wait until it got bad enough that it leaked through the ceiling of our place?  In five years of living next to this guy, we've suffered three water damages, two of which he and his girlfriend caused.  It's not all bad luck, trust me, these people are morons, and the worst part is they are reproducing!

Because of this we will have to wash everything, dishes, glasses, walls, cupboards and floor.  Every night until our kitchen is back to order, we have to clean above and beyond our usual chores and that pisses us off no end.  Hubby is fuming.  We like our place clean and in relative order.  It's a mess now, and we're not happy.

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