Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Past Life

Ever wonder if you've had a past life, that is if you believe in those things?  I've never really felt drawn to another place or time, except when on vacation, I always think I could live there year 'round.   I have felt, at times, that I should have been born in the fifties or earlier, simply because I love the fashion of those days, but to say it is because I had a past life? Humm.

I 'm not closing myself to the idea, since I've often wondered why it was that once in a while I would meet someone and felt like we knew each other already.  Maybe I did know that person in a previous life?  Or it was simply because we clicked right then and there.

I do know people who strongly believe in past lives.  I was once told, by someone fairly close to me, that he knew me from a past life and that I actually used to work for him.  In the Caribbeans, on a dock... as a working girl... wow!  At least I wasn't freezing my ass off, unlike this life where I'm stuck up here with winter coming... argh.

I've never dreamed of anything like that, nor will I pretend to remember anything, but the thought of it is intriguing.  I'm not sure I'd be curious enough to consult a medium, because I would feel like I'd be taken for a ride down memory lane or let's make it up as we go type thing.  I've seen a fortune teller once or twice, and they both impressed me, but somehow predicting the future seems less bogus than a past that I don't recall.  I may be totally wrong, and both are just as bad or irrelevant, but what if?...

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