Thursday, October 25, 2012

Depends how one looks at it, doesn't it?

We consider ourselves lucky to live in Montreal, a city which does offer a lot of variety (in food, clothes, people, etc.), and we enjoy that.  I've been told (by not so open minded relatives) that I was "special" because of I have friends of different colors, race and even sexual orientation than mine.  That is the one thing I love about friends, we get to choose them, and for that I'm very thankful.  I like variety in every aspects of my life.  I'm curious by nature, so being exposed to different type of people sates a need of mine to know more.

Since we've attended friends' wedding last weekend, I've been wondering about something I had noticed previously, but somehow became more apparent at the reception.  While talking with another guest, who is Lebanese, the subject of the latest bomb attack in Beirut came up.  Her husband was there for business, and that last bomb was in their neighborhood.  She was concerned, understandably so, and yet didn't seem too bothered.  It was part of life. In Beirut.

When the party started, actually as soon as the bride and groom made their way in the reception area, all the Lebanese people were on the dance floor (it was a mostly Lebanese crowd).  The party started and never really stopped until five or six hours later.  They partied hard.  It was such a fun time, so much energy filled the room.  Even if one wasn't too keen on Arabic music, the energy of it all, made one get up, clap and dance.  I tell you, it was fun!

During a speech, from the brother of the groom (who's Lebanese), he mentioned their childhood in Lebanon and talked very briefly about war.  It made me wonder if it was because they'd seen war and the devastation it creates that they partied so hard now?  I've had numerous talk with my friend S. and often the way he talks implies to enjoy life fully because it's we never know how long we've got.  Things can change rapidly.  He's got that right.

Thursday morning as I was driving to a client, I had a car accident, again.  The other driver ran a red light and I had no other option than to hit him.  Luckily nobody got hurt (let's say... tell than to me neck, back and wrist), and this despite the +$6,000 worth of damages on our car.  The other car barely had a little ding on the rear by the wheel.  The old man (again!) who was driving wasn't paying attention to the light since he was looking for a street.  This "no fault" shit in Québec really stinks, if you ask me.  All he got, once the cops got to the accident site was a ticket for running a red light.  He tried to play innocent by saying the light was yellow, but there was two witnesses who confirmed the light was red, and I had right of way.  After waiting for the towing to take our car away, I've made my way to my client.  I didn't want to be at home, alone.  I needed company.  I managed to get an appointment with an osteo for Friday, which really helped the stiffness I was feeling all over my back and neck.  During that treatment, she asked about my plans for the weekend, so when I told her about the wedding, she asked if I was planning to wear high heels.  I was.  She strongly insisted on me wearing flats.  Good thing I had a cute pair of flats I could wear with my dress. Saturday, after I got my make up done (which came out really pretty, thanks for the suggestions Marius!), I put on my dress and flats and made our way to the wedding in a courtesy car, which makes it super easy easy to spot in any parking lot!

See, it's all about how we look at things!


bittenbyknittin said...

A friend of mine with brain cancer was gleeful about some special treatment she received because of her disability, so yes, it IS how we choose to look at things. Hope you are feeling better.

Marius said...

I'm so glad you are mostly unhurt, and that going to the wedding made up like Alice Cooper was a hit. ;-)

Anonymous said...

There is always more than one way to look at things and while it is not good to ignore the truth, having just a negative view brings no benefit. Glad you were not badly hurt and enjoyed the wedding.

Stinkypaw said...

bittenbyknittin: First, let me welcome you to my blog - hope to see you again! Hope your friend keeps on feeling better, and thank you for the sentiment.

Marius: You have no idea what a little makeup can do - you should try it! ;-)

lgsquirrel: Thank you!