Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Don't mind me while I curl up in a corner...

I wasn't satisfied with the paint job the sub-contractor did on our wall going done the stairs, after the plaster job he did to repair the water damages.  So, when his boss called to find out how pleased I was he got an earful. Besides the usual game they play, i.e. say they will come in at X time and show up two hours later or don't show up at all, this repair operation is taking way too long.

I was told, on Monday last week, they could come in, but I was at a client.  So, the manager said Tuesday.  I was home all day, nobody came.  Wednesday while at another client, I get a call the sub-contractor is on his way.  This I say this situation was ridiculous?  Since I wasn't there, and they couldn't come the rest of the week, since it was a long weekend (we had Monday off, for our Thanksgiving), they were taking off Thursday and coming back Tuesday... This morning, I get a call, they're on their way.  I wanted them to properly repaint a wall.  Granted it is red, and red in a real pain in the ass to paint, but they had done a lousy job, especially around the edges.  When the guy came in, he agreed it wasn't his best work.  That was about ninety minutes ago.

I just went to see how it was going, and to my surprise he's been redoing some plaster - he didn't like how it looked - but I was expecting a paint job only, not this mess again. Argh!

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