Friday, November 02, 2012

Call me nosey but if the World is about to end I want to know!

Yesterday while getting my hair colored, I couldn't help myself eavesdropping the conversation the young girl (early twenty, if that) sitting a few stations over, was having with her hairdresser.  They started very casually, just like us old people do, by talking about the weather.  Luckily for us, despite Sandy's visit, we weren't really affected by it all, unlike our neighbors in Jersey and NY.  We had some rain and yes it was windy.   The hairdresser (also in her early twenties) was away in Cuba the week before (yeah, we do go to Cuba often, it's cheap for us) and caught the beginning of the storm.  They talked about the resort, traveling alone, etc.  I was also reading a book so I zoned in and out as time ticked off my timer.  At some point, the client started talking about how Mother Nature was reacting to everything we've done to it and Mother Earth and how it was all about the magnetic pull of the Earth, how the core was affected and how science wasn't truly able to explain it all, but that Mayans knew.  They did predict "the end" by December 2012. 

I was trying not to giggle.  She really sounded knowledgeable (wonder what she has read to know this much about that subject), and very assertive in her descriptions and facts.  In a way, it was nice to hear someone who believed in something - I have no idea what - and who was willing to share her knowledge.  I'm not saying she was wrong (or right, for that matter).  I was surprised.  And somewhat amused.

A part of me always feels something (I can't really describe it, since it balances between sympathy, derision, cries and laughter) whenever I hear talks about the end of the world.  Something is happening.  One would have to be pretty deep under ground not to see that the world is changing.  Is it coming to an end?  I don't know.  I do feel it is not going in the best direction, wherever it is heading.  Nature is reacting a lot lately.  I don't remember so many natural catastrophes occurring in the past.  There were some, they even mention one in the Bible, with Noah's. There always had been some, but this many, I don't recall.   Does that mean the world is coming to an end?  I don't know.  We talk about Global Warming.  I do think it is a fact.  It is happening.  We don't have much snow anymore, not like we used to.  We still have too much, if you ask me, but that's another subject.

Is it all due to us being more aware of things because of all the social medias, news, etc.?  I wonder at times.  Even if one tries to avoid the news (and trust me, this one does), at some point, some place, one hears the news.  We are being informed despite us.  What I wonder about is how accurate is the information we're being fed? That I would love to know!

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Robert the Skeptic said...

We are being informed despite us. What I wonder about is how accurate is the information we're being fed? That I would love to know!

My wife and I were talking about that very thing last night; how there is all this instant information out there, but the source of it can be anyone anywhere... sorting out the 'credible' information, the fact from fiction has become even MORE difficult.

My wife recently tried to respond to friends on FaceBook about the faked pictures of the storm, the fake cloud over Manhattan, the soldiers in the rain guarding the Tomb of the the Unknown Soldier, and on. We take so much of this stuff as fact, particularly if photographs are involved. And now our presidential candidates have discovered that you can say ANYTHING and if people like you, they will believe you! Critical thinking skills are more important now than ever!