Tuesday, November 20, 2012

They're all around us.

If you've been coming around here from time to time, you do know about my moronic neighbor with whom we have this ongoing battle of closing the friggin' garage door.  We don't bother telling him anymore because, obviously, it doesn't change anything.  He's too stupid to operate a remote, so what's the point?

They're everywhere!!
That being said, Hubby often says that we're surrounded by morons, or that we're moron magnet.  I don't want to think that way.  I will say that at times I'm afraid he's right, but still I don't want to surrender to them.  Almost like that kid in "The Sixth Sense", I see them all around me...

This morning when I left for a client, I've noticed our neighbors' garage door wide open.  It's not the first time.  The previous time I rang their doorbell and informed them.  This morning I rang all three doors, but nobody was answering.  I've tried to outrun the automatic door closer.  Not an easy task.  I pressed the button, and ran towards the driveway.  I had to lean down, to avoid the door coming down, and hop over the motion sensor; not so easy.  I did manage to do it though. Yay me! 

I've decided to inform said neighbors and request their vigilance, since it is getting colder and really don't want to suffer another pipe freeze and water damage.  We've had enough.  I think if this was to happen again, some heads would roll.  Time will tell if these neighbors are a little brighter than ours.  Meh, one can hope right?

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