Sunday, December 30, 2012

Copycat much?

You can call me whatever name you want, I'll assume it (most of the time), but I got this post's idea from flurrious' blog.  This time of year I often (not to say always) do a recap of my year, to see on paper what I've done, where I've been, my good and and not so good actions, etc.  I tend to do that in my journal, not really online.

Because I've done (and will most likely will do more in the future, now that we know that the end of the world isn't happening just yet) many memes, I thought of doing something similar to flurrious, by own alphabet meme.  Here goes:

Accident : One more in 2012, because some old Oriental man forgot to stop at a red light while looking for a street name.

Books:  Picked up a few good ones.  May not be fine literature but sure are entertaining books.  There's nothing like the smell and feel of books, that is one thing I don't want to go electronic with.

Colonoscopy: One of fun exams I had to go through in 2012.  Happy to report all is good.

Dentist: It might be time for me to find a new one, since once again he filing he did replaced is now hurting, unlike the old one that had been in there for 20+ years without any pain.

Elections: We've had some and I chose not to go vote.  I'm a bad citizen.  The choices were too bad, I felt like I would vote against someone rather than for, so I didn't go.

Friends:  Because of life getting in the way, it seems that we had far less time in 2012 to socialize with our friends.  We've lost touch with some old ones and met new ones.  Like everything else in life, it changes.

Graceland: We made it there, and I'm happy to have seen it, but wouldn't go back.

Husband: Still have one after 12 years.  He's one tough cookie!

Insurance:  A legalize form of extortion that will most like increase and this even if I wasn't responsible for my car accident.

Jewellery:  In my old age, I'm acquiring more.  I'm enjoying shiny things. Gah!

Knick-knack: Got rid of a lot of them this year, and will try to do the same in the year to come.

Laughing:  Despite my often foul mood, I did laugh often in 2012.  I'd say I did laugh daily, with my husband.  We laugh together or at each other, but no matter, we laugh a lot.

MRI:  Had to have one more to see of there was anything wrong with my back - seems not.

Nashville:  Drove down for a conference and besides the hotel where we stayed, didn't get to see much of the town.  Oh well.

Optometrist: After 13 years since my last exam, went to see one.  Still don't need glasses!

Preppygirl: The first blend I've ever met in person.  That was a first great encounter.  I would love to do that again.

Question:  I've questioned myself and others.  All the time.  I love it.

Refuge:  The place we call home.  Where we go to to hide from the world and its morons.

Swimming:  Didn't really enjoy it, but it did help my back. I should get back into it.

Tobi:  He's still hanging around.  He's still playful and this despite his really bad hips.  My old kitty.

Unbecoming:  The size I'm at currently is really unbecoming to me.  Especially when I see pictures of me, argh!

Vacation: I feel like we haven't had a real one in a long time, and this despite our road trip to Nashville.  A vacation, for me, is when I'm able to crash on a beach and soak up the sun.

Work:  2012 was a busy year for me, not that I'm complaining.  I just have to find balance.

Xmas: Did a tree this year, and while assembling it, decided it was its last year.  It is time for a new one.

Yoga:  I have a client which is a type of leech; she sucks the energy out of me.  I've been trying to let her go and yet, she just won't go.

Zen:  A state of mind I haven't reached yet, despite my meditation.

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