Thursday, August 01, 2013


You know times are changing, fast, when reading something on the web our sharing options are Twitter, Facebook or email... Whatever happened to being able to share something on a blog?  When did that option became obsolete?  I haven't been blogging for ages, and yet when I did realize earlier that I couldn't share an article on here, it made me cringe.  Wow!  Is blogging already a thing of the past? 

This made me think of all the things that have changed in the last few years.  How some things were way bigger before and are now so small and so much more powerful; and how dependent we've become of technology.  It is almost as if some of us lost the ability to think for ourselves, we have a machine (read computer of some sort) to do that.  I know that I do rely on my calculator.  I need one for work and use one daily. I do less and less mental calculation - I use my calculator for that too.  Some people don't ever use maps anymore, they use a GPS of some sort.  I like the easy aspect of the GPS, and still can use a map.  Think about our cell phones, those babies have changed.  Remember the big bricks from the eighties?  Now they're so sleek and can do so many more things than a simple phone call.  Cameras, those have changed too.  I remember Hubby's camera when we met (about twenty years ago), it was big and clunky with this huge flash and it weighed a ton.  Now we have a little digital thing and it may not offer all the options the manual one did, but for me the non-initiated photographer, it is great.  And oh so light!  Remember our boom boxes? Or our sound systems, with the subs and huge speakers?  Last weekend a friend was playing music in his back yard using a little speaker box, wireless, connected to his iphone.  Crazy!  I know things have changed, I see it and yet at times it freaks me out.

I guess I'm getting Sigh.


CiCi said...

I think about this occasionally too. Most of the time I am pleased with the progress, but I do wish younger people would be able to calculate better in their heads when I pass them change and not rely on the cash register totally. Oh well, for me it is fun to figure out how to give the right amount of change so I can get back the quarters I need. Or the five dollar bill instead of some ones. Anyway, you are still way younger than I am so I won't be calling you old.

Ananke said...

I remember telling my niece that when I was younger, we didn't have 24-hour cartoon channels. She refused to believe me. And if that doesn't make me feel old, I just have to remember the day my new co-worker (a recent college grad) was introduced to me and I realized I was old enough to be his mother. Ack!!!!!! That's just not right. ;-)