Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dressed for the occasion, I say!

I'm going to really read old when you'll read this, but in my days they didn't have sweets Halloweenified as much as today...  We did have some candy wrappers with a witch - remember these?  They were (are still are!) my favorites.  So tasty and sticky - just got to love them!

Another one of my favorites, to this day are those sweet things:

And lastly, as far as candy is concerned, I loved these babies:

Any of those, I couldn't have just one.  That hasn't changed much, I'd say...

I remember when I would go trick or treating and once in a while would get a regular size candy bar, it was just that a candy bar.  Aww, those were the days. 

Imagine my surprise and actual pleasure to see these this past weekend, while shopping with Hubby.  Not only are they full size, but they are dressed for the occasion, ain't that cool?

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