Monday, July 21, 2014

All About Me Mentality

Mise en scène

The wife wants to get back to some level of physical shape, but isn't to incline to do sports.  The husband is quite active.  For over ten years the wife hasn't touched her bicycle, and this even if the husband cycled to work almost daily.

The wife suggests they go for a ride.

Current scene

Not only is the wife feeling wobbly on her bicycle, she's hurting.  Her crotch is sore and her wrists are also sore.  This is not as fun as she remembered cycling to be.  Maybe it's an age thing?  She used to love riding her bike.

Because the wife hadn't cycled in so long, the husband wanted to go a safer way, and stay on bike paths.  Giving where they lived, a touristic area of town, no matter where they went,  they had to go through crowds, especially since it was a nice day.

The wife often (very often) heard the husband complained about how there was anything but cyclists on the bike paths.  He would complain about how baby carriage or people walking their
dogs or joggers were taking over the paths, how he couldn't ride without being aware of others. So, when she had to slow down and almost hit her brakes because of people walking in the middle of the path she understood the husband's complaints.  When she had to get off her bicycle and walked besides her bike because too many people were on the bicycle path rather than on the sidewalk, she got pissed off.  They had to walk for a few minutes to avoid mostly pedestrians.  Not even a few minutes after getting back on their bikes they came across four young women totally oblivious of being on a bike path and were walking side by side taking the width of the path.  The wife couldn't help herself and told them it was a bike path not a sidewalk.  They looked at her as if she was a mad woman and kept on walking, giggling.

One can't help and wonder where are we heading as people, as a society?  Why are we so focused on ourselves and nobody else? We all act as if we were alone, in our own little bubble, not giving a damn about anyone other than ourselves.  It's sad to see that future generation as well as current ones are so messed up and can only think about their little selves.  Not only have we lost respect not just for elders, but for everyone basically, we don't even care about our own selves enough to be polite and somewhat considerate of others.  As Professor Farnsworth said... I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

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