Saturday, September 13, 2014

Don't need a test, I know I'm allergic

Hello blog friends, and talk about a way to start a post, but hey, since this blog is all about me, why not!

Sorry for being MIA these past months, life and Postcrossing are taking up much of my time.  In general all is good on this side of the screen.  Can't complain too much, except for the stupidity that affects so many of us.  We have friends (yes, we do, really!) from Zurich, who will be staying with us for a week.  It's a good thing they come over once in a while, it forces us to do a major house cleaning.  It's ridiculously crazy how much stuff we can accumulate, even if we live in a fairly small place.  Granted, I will admit being responsible for a part of it with my scrapbooking and now my Postcrossing, but it's not all my shit.  We have a Murphy bed downstairs (which we bought not long after we moved here, because of those friends coming over) and there was so much stuff in the room that we couldn't pull the bed down.  Hubby and I have been sorting through boxes, and reorganized the area.  It's always a good thing to clean house, I say.  We got rid of things we haven't used in a while, like old computing equipment Hubby was keeping for whatever reason, some old books, and since we were in a cleaning mode, we also went through our clothes and filled up a few bags that we brought to a fripperie (goodwill store) not far from here, with other goods that we either didn't want anymore or haven't used in over a year.  Let's just say, that as of now that room has never been this empty.  I love it!

I'm realizing that I have an addictive personality. Don't get me wrong, I'm not addictive, but tend to get addicted to things.  First example, when I bought my first charm on my Chamilia bracelet (similar to Pandora's) I had thought it would be all.  Four full bracelets later, I still look at charms and find some to like!  Second example, when I started scrapbooking I thought I would do one album with all my cards from birth until my 40th birthday.  I don't know how many albums I have now, and I'm not done scraping either.  I love it and keep finding things to scrap about, a trip there, a show there, I scrap about anything and everything.  Third proof, when I joined Postcrossing I had a little box with about 30 cards in it, and some stickers and tapes I use to decorate my cards. 

At this moment, I have 5 mini mailboxes (stamp dispenser) on my desk (you must admit they are cute!), my little box of cards when to a big size box with hundreds of cards, a cigar box full of stickers and so many tapes & pens...  yep, I'm an addict!  And I love it!

Just this past week, I've reached a new level of "satisfaction" - I'm actually combining two of my addictions into one.  That's real I'm a real junky!  I've started making art mail or scrappostcards, and I'm enjoying it.  I was particularly proud on Friday when I went to the post office to mail a bunch of cards when the postal employee commented on my hand made card, that I was sending to a guy in France.  He was really impressed and even showed it to the other two employees working the counter with him.  He then proceeded to ask me to show him whatever else I would make because he thought it was really interesting.  It felt good, especially since I wasn't sure about the end result.  I liked it, but not as much as he seemed to.

Today I've met a fellow Postcrosser in town for the weekend, and while having breakfast with her, talked about postcards (of course) so I showed her the three I had made the night before. Among the lot, there was one I wasn't sure of.  I had started with an idea and then went a different way and finally ended up with something that was quite loaded.  That was the card she preferred, so I gave it to her.  My only regrets is not having scan it before doing so.

Card the postal worker liked; showing map of our neighborhood, and local stamps.

Just enjoy Happy Bunny, so came up with this one.

I guess I felt somewhat twisted on this one.
These a my latest creations, what do you think?

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