Thursday, March 26, 2015

Way too much!

Well, it's already our last evening home before we embark on this Viking bound adventure!  As I sit here, trying to remain calm and going over all that I/we should have with us for the next three months, I can't help to feel a little... humm... stress, nah, excitement is more like it, and this even if I've been feeling like crap this whole week.  Funny how my body crashed right after I was done with all my clients.  What is more pleasant than being stuck in a flying banana for multiple hours with snot dripping, itchy eyes and raw nose? Coughing up a lung!  Yay me!

For the last two days, no joke, I've been packing and unpacking and repacking and thinking about what else we should bring or not. Unlike when we go on vacation, I don't know what the temperature will be like (other than cold) PLUS I've never had to pack for a cold destination.  I've always went to warmer climate than here, or at least not as cold as here.  Even when I went to Japan, it was cool, but not cold.  Or even when I went to the Azores, despite the horrible weather it wasn't really cold, it was damp and dammed humid.  This time I know it is similar to here but it will not vary as much as it does here.  I've bought myself a new jacket, lighter than my big Kanuk and not as bulky so that should be good.  I've brought some layers (sweaters, long sleeves shirts, fleece, and a rain coat), some different types of footwear but no "winter" boots as such.  Because it looks like a very outdoorsy place, I've limited my "dressed" clothes to a minimum, read one pair of slacks.  I know that I can (and most likely will to!) always buy stuff over there, but knowing right off the bat that the prices are two times what we pay here is (somewhat) refraining my shopping ideas.

A friend who travels a lot suggested to not bring any beauty products and to get all new there.  Since I don't know what they do have and since I'm every faithful to the ones I'm using, I have to pack some of these babies.  I'm not too worried about the basics, like arm pit shit and stuff, by face cream I have my favorites, and I'm bringing them.  I did pack one luggage already, clothes and shoes, and 45 lbs later I still feel like there are many things which should be packed yet.  Hubby hasn't even started yet.  As usual he will be running around tomorrow, day of our travel. Why change something that has been working for him for years, right?  Riiiight!

Anyway, tomorrow night by this time we will be heading towards an adventure in Norway, way up the coast... stay tuned!

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Phil Plasma said...

It can certainly be very difficult to know what to bring. Three months in Bodo is a very different experience compared to a one-week Cuba trip.