Thursday, May 07, 2015

All About Food or Mat as they say here...

I've received a comment on my previous post about what we've been eating here.  We've been eating food!  Imagine that!  Even in Norway, they have this unique concept of eating food!

Here are some of the things we've eaten here, not much different than what we eat back home...

The Party Platter @ Egon, Bodø
That was our pre-dinner snack, on a terrace, which had battered & fried shrimps, some onion rings, nacho chips with salsa and some chicken wings.

Breakfast at Brasserie Paleo, Oslo
This was my last breakfast in Olso: some delicious bread with grains and even nuts (they have many different type of flour - love all the breads I've tasted thus far); some Gjetost cheese (that brown cheese made of goat's milk) - mostly eaten as open faced sandwiches or on waffles; some little garlic meatballs, some bacon and smoked ham, some cream cheese and homemade blueberry jam to be spread over the knekkebrød (crispbread, also filled with grains and/or nuts).  They also had fruits and some little pastry, like the mini chocolatine!

For our last dinner in Oslo we went Italian.  We started with sharing a delicious platter of mozzarella, three different types: mozzarella, bufala and burrata, some little tomatoes with balsamic, some prosciutto di parma and some garlic bread.

Gran piatto di mozzarella @ Olivia, Oslo
We all ordered a different main course, and each one seemed to be satisfied with their meal.  They were good and good sized plates.  I went with some penne, with bacon, chicken and saucy.  I ate the whole thing and didn't have any desert.  Good thing we walked home afterwards!

Penne al pollo umbriaco

Breakfast the morning before.  That juice was so good.  It was freshly pressed in front of us, I loved it.

That was my second morning trying the Gjetost cheese and that time I even put some of the walnut in honey that was beside it, it was reaaally good.  Finger licking good!  Really!

Later that day (which was our touring day!) we had a refreshment stop, enjoyed sitting on a terrace by the water front, and enjoyed a platter of different appetizers, which included some tomato meatballs, some green beans, some black olives and cheese, some shrimps, some wings and some potatoes...

at Jacob Aall Aker Brygge, Oslo
That was also a very nice platter.  Very tasty, and a great way to end our sightseeing tour of Oslo.

On our first night in Olso, Hubby had some horse appetizer which he said was quite good, and all four of us ordered steak, which was good.  That night I had desert, some flambé pineapple with Canadian maple syrup and coconut oil. 
the end result... at Brasserie Paleo, Oslo
That was the only desert I've had during our three days weekend in Oslo, and it was good. But I did eat some Freia chocolate, bought at their flagship store, which was a tiny little boutique, but I found lots of chocolate!

I don't know about you, but I could eat a little something now...


Anonymous said...

Wow ... it seems all the same ... well except for the brown cheese (is that mold I see on top?).

Where is your next trip?

Phil Plasma said...

If I hadn't just had lunch I'd say your meals look fantastic. I just had lunch, your meals look fantastic.