Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Really? Already?

I knew this day was coming, not only did I know but I could see it. Was I ready for it?  Not really? I am not ready for it at all!  Wondering what I'm talking about? Well, you know?  It's that time of the month...

 Oh!  I don't mean that time, no, please!  No, no, it's just time for me to get a haircut!

Since we've first talked about doing this thing in Norway, one of the (many) things I thought of was my hair.  It (most likely) may be a women thing, but I've been faithful to my hairdresser.  I've been seeing her since 1999.  Even after we've moved downtown, I've kept going back to her in the West-Island.  I like what she does. She changes my color, the cut and yes sometimes it is a little funky, but I've often said it: I change what I can easily do, and my hair is one, plus it does grow back, so it's all good.  When Hubby talked about this "move", we both agreed that it was long enough that both of us would have to commit, and by that, we would have to find a hairdresser.  He gets his hair cut every four to five weeks.  I get mine done every six weeks.  Hubby and I shopped for him.  We walked around and went by feel mostly.  He also wasn't willing to pay too too much, especially since his regular cuts are about $25.00 back home.  He managed to find a barber, a little shop not far from our flat.   It cost him 250.00 NOK, which is about $40. The guy did a nice job, different from his regular crew cut, but nice.

Just before we went for our weekend in Oslo, I thought of giving a try to a salon next door.  I guess I'm not as loyal for my waxing as I am for my hair.  Or maybe it is me not being as chicken?  No matter what, I made an appointment and went for a waxing.  The lady I was assigned was nice.  She was also Sami (native of Norway).  She did it quickly and all was well.  It cost me 395.00 NOK for a half-leg, which is about $66.00.  Back home it cost me $25.00 for half-leg and bikini.  I didn't ask for the bikini, wonder how much extra that would have been.

I need to get my color done, and I'm not worried about that; as long as my grey is covered it will be good.  For the cut that is another thing.

In my younger days before I had a regular hairdresser, I've ended up looking like a poodle, too curly and so puffy - I think anyone you went through the 80s looked like this at one point or another - everything that could be wrong was wrong.  Now with short hair I know the worst that can happen is that it's cut too short, but then again, the last two visits back home, the back and sides of my hear were almost shaved so, it can't be that bad, right?  Right!  My bangs could be chopped off and that would be bad, even if they will grow back, I like my bangs!  If they're crooked that can always be corrected, but once cut there's no much to be done, but wait...

So, tomorrow I will walk around and try to find a frizør - there are so many of them around, one at almost every corner around the Sentrum - that might be just why I'm concerned... why so many salons?  And they all look like the places like my mother goes to... which is scary.  Call me snob, I don't care - I am, I assume it! - but when a place has posters hanging on their walls which look like that girl above, I know it's not the place for me.  Hubby told me to go feel the different places, I've spotted a few, so tomorrow will be the time for me to address that time of the month thing and go for it!  Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing sunrise is around 2a by now, and that's what the "really, already" is about...?

I think it doesn't set at at all for a couple of weeks in June... should be a laugh riot. ;)



Phil Plasma said...

I'm due for a haircut also, though I expect it will be a less traumatic experience for me.

Anonymous said...

You should stake some salons out and see what people look like before/after.