Tuesday, May 26, 2015


This post won't be about Likki and her fun adventures in Nordland, but more of a little recap about our time in Norway thus far.
  • We've been here eight weeks already, that's right eight weeks.  We have another six to go, including this week.
  • The past two weeks, the weather has been warming up and we actually see the sun more often.
  • It isn't hot, it's warmer.
  • I got my hair colored and cut.  I landed on a nice girl who knew how to die and cut hair.  It's not what I get back home, but then again, I'm in Norway.  One thing for sure, the cost of it was Norwegian - twice the price of what I normally pay.
  • While at the Arctic Circle Center, I've sent myself a postcard.  I haven't received it yet.  I hope it's not lost.  I really liked it.
  • The kid that a friend sent our way came and went.  It was actually nice to have him around.  Since the day he arrived was raining some, we walked around town a little and then went for a drive.  We managed to get a few nice pictures, despite the weather.  It's almost crazy how different things look between a cloudy and sunny day and with a few weeks later in the year.  The lakes were all ice free.  

We've driven past these little fishing camps a few times, and this time I did ask to go in. I was taken aback by how nice it was.  Look at the water, how clear it is.

Not only was the little arbor pretty, but right next to it was this historical war site, where bunkers, canons and such were just there, rusting since the second war. Since most (not to say all) the little cards with information were in Norwegian, we could make out the distance the canons could reach, the weight of the shells they used, what the spots were used for, etc. It was an interesting little walk on top of a little rock hill giving out on the sea...

Around the bay, where the fishing camps are, there's this little white sand beach...I'm sure it must be popular during summer days.  On that afternoon, it was desolate.  Wonder if it had anything to do with the cold wind blowing?
  • Days are getting longer.  It's a really strange.  For having lived with a guy who worked nights, and slept days, this is really different.  The feeling when going to bed is just strange.  At the moment, the sun is up for 22 hours/day!

  • Night sky at 00:11 on May 25th
  • The kid kept going on his Summer trip - four months on the road.  He's making his way North, further up than here, willingly. Imagine that!
  • This coming weekend I'm traveling to Grenoble, by myself, and will stay with a stranger with whom I share a postcard addiction.  Should be interesting.  I'm actually excited about it.  My first time in France. 
  • Given that our travel plans coming here were sort of made out at the last minute; we had not really plan our return.  We had talked about vacationing after being in the cold, and being on this side of the pond it seemed like an occasion to visit central Europe. It will not be the case.  We've extended our time in Oslo, a city we both liked and would like to visit a little more, and then we will head home.
  • A part of me feels like we haven't seen much of Norway, that we haven't done the hikes we've wanted to, that we haven't tasted what we should; I feel that our time here is coming to an end, and it saddens me.  Today, I've received postcards from a friend in Montreal who sent them to me to make me feel homesick.  It didn't quite work.
  • Hubby is seriously starting to miss the comfort of home, of our home.  Especially when he's in the kitchen.
  • He also misses his internet connection, which doesn't bounce him off, and he REALLY misses stores being open on Sunday.

  • Proof of life, as requested
Note: the waiter behind him, was on his way to serve him his beer.


Anonymous said...

A little disappointing to be headed home without knocking about Europe a little bit... Then again, I guess if you stay much longer, you'll miss summer in Montreal completely. It's tough to be on the road as long as you two have been... it takes far less time for us to miss the comforts of home.

Have fun in France. There's probably a postcard-y equivalent to "keep your stick on the ice" that I should include here; perhaps something about licking the right side of stamps? Probably should sound naughty but isn't.

I'll work on it.

S & N

flurrious said...

It's so pretty there! I can see why you'll miss it. I don't know if I could get used to that much daylight, though. I feel like I'd never sleep.

Stinky paw said...

S&N: It is disappointing, for me at least, but I understand his reasoning. (I guess...) :-/

flurrious: Happy to read you here again! \0/ And you're right, it is very pretty here, especially when it's sunny! The weirdest for me, is when going to bed and look outside and it's still bright, it feels wrong!