Monday, April 18, 2016

Cleaning, Painting, Packing and Forgetting...

 Already at week 17, or day 109 of 2016.  Man time flies even if we're not having fun!  Since I last wrote  we went for a week to Vegas, a week of rest, good eating and soaking up some sun.  It was a good week away, that we both enjoyed before coming back to our "go, go, go" lives.

We finally went to the notary and signed for our new (and final, for a long while, I hope!) place.  We did the inspection in the morning and signed in the afternoon.  They delivered as promised.  They say it was ready to move in, but since their standards of cleanliness and different from ours, we spent the weekend cleaning, getting it ready for our stuff to be delivered tomorrow.  Actually, Hubby did all the cleaning and I was in the locker painting it.  It was the only thing that was not painted, and since it was "the time" to do it, otherwise it would never get done, I did it. 

Our new place
This is our new home.  It will be different for sure.  Last night, in between two trips of us moving our clothes, cousin, who leaves a street over, came by for a visit.  Our first guests.  It will be our first place where we are so close to family. Exciting.

Lately I've been feeling like I'm neglecting people in our lives.  Between the traveling, the temporary move and now this (final!) move, I feel like we never stop long enough to catch up. 

Yesterday, was the first time in seventeen years that I didn't think of my father.  I would lie if I'd say I think of him daily, I don't think it is a daily thing, but I do think of him often and also often talk about him.  I feel that with all the commotions in our lives I (finally) let go of him...  It is a strange feeling and yet, I do believe it is a good thing.  A new beginning of sort.

Now, I need to get packing so that the movers have boxes to bring from this noisy apartment to our new place.  Can't wait to be home!

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judi & Jim Mooney said...

Congratulations to you both on your "final" move! As you know, Jim and I have moved every 5 years for the last 20 and almost every time I think it's the "final" one. Enjoy your wonderful new space! :)

Judi and Jim