Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tic Toc, Tic Toc...

Do you ever feel like time is running away from you? That no matter how well you plan or schedule your life, there’s never enough time for you to do everything you want to? I’ve been feeling like that a bit these past few days, and I have this strange sensation that I’m running out of breath or something.

In the past, (read in our previous house) whenever we were going away, we always used the guest bedroom as a staging area. We thought of something to bring, we would put it on the bed. When came time to do the suitcase, easy, most things were out already.

In the present (read in our little condo) we don’t have a guest bedroom (well, we do but we use it as a storage area/litter room), so we haven’t been putting aside things that we will need or want for our trip to Vegas. Yes I could have made a list or stack stuff somewhere, but I’m so fed up of our constant look of “just moved in” or “something else needs fixing” that I didn’t want to have, on top of everything else, a suit case with a bunch of things thrown in. It is just starting to feel clean or unpacked; I wasn’t about to add something to the equation to make it look messy again. Nope! Can’t do that! Sorry! Yeah we might forget some things! Oh well!

I can’t believe that we are leaving in two freakin’ days and that nothing is ready! We have errands to run (Tobi is staying behind, so he needs food!), laundry to do AND to add to the fun of it all, our front door is being sanded and painted today! The door has to remain open, thus me staying home! Argh!

Big deep breath, inhale…exhale… A week away from all the banging, mechanic saw and nail guns… that will be good… Oh wait! … but… those noises will then be replace by slot machines noises… the lesser of two evils? ...or is it?


lizgwiz said...

I pretty much always feel like there's not enough time for everything. I think that even as I'm laying on the couch, pretending to watch TV as I doze. Hey--quality down time is important, too, right?

I've always been a last-minute packer. I do make a list, but I wait until the night before to chunk everything in the suitcase. I add toiletries as I finish using them in the morning, and I'm done!

Have fun in Vegas, baby!

Ananke said...

I never have enough time to do everything. Seems like we have less of it as we get older too! :-D

Anonymous said...

I can relate tooooooooo well!

I love your Dali pic

hey, just to add one more thing to your plate-I'm anxiously awaiting tomorrow's funnies.

hang in there. :)

Kim said...

I'm a list maker myself...of course, I don't have a guest room where I could put stuff as I think of it, or I'd probably do that. seems like there's never enough time to do everything we need/want to do...sigh.

have a great time in Vegas!

don't call me MA'AM said...

There's never enough time for life anymore. :-(

I have to make lists. When I don't do that, I forget everything!

We're going to Vegas, too, but not until October. Have fun!

Purple Pigeon said...

Im a big list maker, but i still end up forgetting stuff. Don't worry, I'm sure you can buy something in Vegas if you forget it - you're supposed to be able to buy most things there arent you?!

I know what you mean about that feeling. I hope you get some quality 'you' time on holiday, so you can just chill out.

BTW, Dali is one of my favourite artists.

and apologies about my lack of comments. I'll try and comment more, scouts honour!!

Stinkypaw said...

lizgwiz: You got that right about quality down time! This trip I will be a last minute packer as well.

ananke: That's what I'm told! hee! ;-)

wreckless: I'm sure you can! Thanks!

kim: Thanks, it's just like finding time to do some scrapbooking right? Never enough time!

dcmm: Too bad it's not at the same time, we could have manage to meet - some other time... Let's put that on our lists of things to do! ;-)

pigeon: You comment when you can or feel like it, no pressure! And I'm sure I'll find some reason to shop while in Vegas, no worries!

Cool about Dali, I just really like that one...