Thursday, December 06, 2007

Open Season!

Last night we had our second condo meeting. Because we’re just starting it was held in the garage… Let’s just say that it was cold and in order to move things along quickly I think I seconded every motion that came forward. I asked if we were allowed to decorate our front door with a wreath as long as we don’t damage the door, it was accepted! Yay!
I also proposed that we should limit the duration of Christmas decorations and it was accepted, double yay! We are only allowed to decorate from Dec. 1st until mid-January and no blown-up decoration on the balconies allowed, triple yay!

Last night I did all our Christmas cards. This year we are sending 108! It’s crazy!!! In those 15 are for clients of ours. Now, I have to get Hubby in gear to sign them, Yikes, not an easy task! I already feel “late” so he’ll feel the pressure if he doesn’t get to them. Hee.

Tomorrow we will have our first Christmas party. It’s a client of mine, and he made my day earlier when he sent me an email telling me the company would contribute a generous amount for my “homeless project” this year. Tomorrow night we’ll be doing the fiesta at a Mexican restaurant not too far from here, maybe we’ll walk there if it’s not too cold. That way Hubby can drink and I don't have to drive!

Saturday we both have parties, Hubby’s client and my meditation group. So we will go our separate ways. We do a gift exchange at the group, and each year I come home with a hoard of gifts. It’s so much fun, even if it’s not a “party” as such, i.e. no dancing or such, just people sharing a good meal (pot luck, this year I’m making “Waldorf Salad”) and talking. There’s some signing, and music, two members are musicians for the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra, so that’s always nice.

It’s official, Christmas Season is open!!

A peaceful picture, maybe one day we will all reach that peacefulness... Let's hope so...


Purple Pigeon said...

That santa pic reminds me of Xmas day tradition - eat until you can't move, then fall asleep. Bliss.

Speaking of blown up decs, theres a house near me that has a blown up snowman, a blown up reindeer and a blown up Homer-in-a-santa-outfit. And they are all about 8 foot tall. Mad!

Kim said...

Yay on Christmas decorations coming down by the middle of January! I hate it when I drive by houses in, say, March and they still have their Christmas lights up. Either they're old people who think it just looks too pretty to take down (like my Grandparents) or they're just lazy.

have fun at your Christmas parties!

Anonymous said...

OOps I still have my lights up from the last three years.....:):):)

Stinkypaw said...

pigeon: That is traditon but with the undoing the belt, aaawww!

Those blown up things are uuuugly!

kim: I don't mind if they are still up, but please don't turn them on!!

robert: That is so "redneck" of you! ;-)