Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Review in one sentence

I was making my rounds on my “not so regular reads”, when I came upon an amusing post at Condi’s Hair. I thought it was interesting and was curious to see what it would give me, so… I told her that I would steal it and started going through my 2007 posts.

Below are the first sentences from the first posts of each month of this past year.

Here goes:

January: I wish you a day of ordinary miracles, a fresh pot of coffee you didn't have to make yourself, an unexpected phone call from an old friend, green stoplights on your way to work or shop.

A few weeks ago I wrote this, and last Friday our friends’ father lost his long and brutal fight against cancer.

March: Last time I went to a swimsuit shop the only thing I really felt comfortable in was the dressing room.

April: Even if it’s only been a few days, it feels like I’ve been away from Blogsville for ages.

May: I don’t know if you’ve noticed or it is only in my head, but there seems to be a certain lack of interest going about Blogsville.

A man walks into the street and just as it starts to sprinkle, he manages to get a taxi just as it's passing by.

Quick note: We are moved - it's still a construction zone and we are not connected to the internet, thus my going MIA!

August: I have a curious nature.

Because of my years of training in karate, I had to do some visualization prior to tournaments, to prepare for the big fights, or for belt tests.

Feeling like crap but happy to be back nonetheless.

November: First, I’m doing this “NaBloPoMo” thing.

It's strange how not posting for a few days and already I feel like it's been ages... it must be because it is right after the NaBloPoMo thing, or something...

Don’t you think it’s entertaining? Granted it’s not nearly as captivating as I thought it would be, but nonetheless it does give me a curious outlook about what went on with me last year.

A friend’s father passed away, I don’t feel comfy in a swimsuit, was away from Blogsville on a few occasions, which, I think, confirms my addiction! We moved which explained my going “cold turkey” from blogging. I admitted that I was curious and that I used to do visualisation. I also felt like crap enough to blog about it and did NaBloPoMo, as if I could forget that...

Give it a go, you’ll see; it’s surprising what comes up…


Monkey said...

I'd join you- but I am pretty sure I'd just come up with sentences that revolve around Britney or being lazy.....

Stinkypaw said...

Try it! I'm sure the results will be interesting around Britney and being lazy... reads like a Monkey around blog to me! ;-)

simplypink said...

I LOVE that swimsuit quote! Very true! Great idea for your post!

Mike said...

I came here earlier and read then and then went back to my blog because I could have sworn I had done this same thing once. Maybe I just thought that I did. I'm old. I get lost like that sometimes. Looks like a fun thing to do though since I can't find any evidence that I have done it before.

Purple Pigeon said...

lol, i may have to steal that!

lol at 'I have a curious nature'!

Ananke said...

Hey, that's pretty neat! I love the swimsuit quote too but I don't think I'd even feel comfortable in the dressing room! ;-)

Stinkypaw said...

pink: I didn't get that idea, but I sure liked it!

mike: It was fun and I know what you mean about the memory thing...

pigeon: Go ahead, it's fun! And I am curious, truly!

ananke: Try it, I'm sure you'll come up with something very interesting!

DrowseyMonkey said...

that's kinda channel surfing thru your blog!

Kara said...

November was my favorite.

tNb said...

Love love love this idea, thanks!

I gave it a whirl but nothing as good as the March swimsuit!

Stinkypaw said...

drowsey monkey: It was, just like that!

kara: Hee

tnb: No matter, it's fun to revisit in a way.