Friday, March 14, 2008

Overheard this morrning

Montréal will be having its 184th, consecutive, St-Patrick's Parade on Sunday. It's said to be one of the biggest in North America along with New York's. People come in from all over the world for this... party...

This guy flew in from Dublin, big Irish accent (which I won't even try to reproduce):

"Montréal is a lovely city"

- 'Don't mind the cold too much?

"It's not so bad"

- 'Seen anything interesting yet?

"I sure did mate! The strangest thing!"

- Really? What was that!

"Trucks taking away snow!" I just had to take pictures!"
"I'd never seen trucks taking away snow before in my life!"

When I heard that I couldn't help cracking up. Funny what a visitor will see that so differs from where he's from, sights we don't even see anymore.

Seeing those big trucks loaded with snow is such a "normal" winter thing here, that I've never even consider that for some it might be strange or even unusual.

I just can't help to smile when I think of this Irish guy and his surprise about the snow trucks... too funny.


3carnations said...

184th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade? Impressive. I think we're having our 8th annual one or something like that. Odds are no one is coming from Ireland for it, either. :)

princess slea said...

there was a guy from ireland living here for awhile, he was fun. he would say to me "see ya next tersdy, shan'n"
of course the bar we hung out at was called Shamrocks and he would play every irish song on the juke box and lament the home land.

Marius said...

I worked with an Irish dude in a play one time. He played an Irish alcoholic drifter, and during the course of the play he had to drink glass after glass of colored apple juice. Then after the show he would go next door and close the bar. I suspect his bladder took up most of his abdominal cavity since I don't recall ever seeing him either eat, or pee.

Trueself said...

Okay, I have to admit that I too would have been fascinated by trucks hauling snow away. Around here all they ever do is push snow into piles in strategically placed locations where it will hamper drivers' ability to see cross traffic. In parking lots, they clear 3/4 of the lot by pushing the snow into the other quarter of the lot. It never occurred to me that there would be places where they haul it away.

Ananke said...

Ditto what Trueself said. Around here, we just have gigantic piles of snow that melt for weeks. I'd love it if they'd haul it away! :-D

Charlie said...


Stinkypaw said...

3c: I was surprised as well when I read about it being the 184th parade.

princess: There is something about the Irish, no doubt about that!

marius: That (drinking) they can do VERY well!

trueself: And they are complaining that they don't know where else to dump it now, since there's so much of it!

ananke: They take it from the streets and dump it in fields. It's going to be messy when it starts melting... yuck!

charlie: yeah, snow, and lots of it too!

Drowsey Monkey said...

that is funny ... it's so normal to us I guess.