Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yet another one

Dear Reader,

I just got back from seeing my neurologist to get the results of my spinal tap, done exactly four months ago today. From the MRI, it seems that it might be MS, but I don’t show enough symptoms to know for sure. The tap’s result didn’t show any virus, inflammation, etc., which is good news. My MRI did show some spots on my brain, indicative of MS, but because I’m not symptomatic the neurologist wants to do another MRI to see if there’s any change. I might have simply been born with white spots on my brain. This could explain a lot…

I still don’t know why I have a constant headache, but this time I got some medication prescribed to take care of that. Hopefully it will take care of that part.

I have a little confession to make. It may come to you as a surprise. It may even upset you. Actually I know it will. I know you read my blog even if you rarely leave a comment. My blog, from the start, was a place for me to vent, to joke around, to be “me”. I don’t pretend to be something (or someone) I am not. If you know me at all you do know that I like to tease, and that at times I can also be perceived as mean. I wrote “perceived” because; personally I don’t think I am. I’m direct and honest, and even confrontational, as my husband likes to point out.

One of the things I truly enjoy is misleading people, or “play with people’s head”. People are too often gullible. They take things for granted and don’t verify anything. They assume. As I’m growing older I try to develop my vigilance a lot more. I ask questions when I don’t know. You know that I’ll do a perception check if I need to. I even did it here; asking fellow bloggers if I’ve written something to upset them if I don’t see them around much. That is me. I understand that we’re not all the same. I would love nothing better than for you to inquire directly. If you want to know how I’m doing, why don’t you simply ask me? If I don’t want to answer you, I will tell you. If you want to know if I’m writing about something or someone you do know, ask me. I will tell you.

Please, don’t ASSUME, because like they say it makes an ASS of U and ME!

‘Love ‘ya!



Kara said...

If you want to know if I’m writing about something or someone you do know, ask me. I will tell you.

Ok, now i know it's time for me to go get some food, because i read that last sentence really fast as "I will kill you". And I thought, 'woah. awesome.' yeah.

3carnations said...

I'm sorry you still don't have a definitive answer, but I'm glad you finally got the results of your spinal tap. No one ever knows for sure if you have MS, since there's no absolute test, but I hope you get the closest thing you can to an answer soon!

And regarding people assuming...Um, I don't think that was me, but I know what you mean. ;-)

Marius said...

It is interesting that you bring this up today. Just yesterday one of my students, who is a rather outspoken and no-nonsense type and readily speaks her mind asked me if I thought she was mean. I told her that I did not, and that I found her lack of obfuscation refreshing, but that there are those who cannot handle the unvarnished truth, and therefore dub those who don't tap dance as mean. I truly enjoy your unabridged view of our little blue marble, and eagerly look forward to your posts. I haven't commented much of late merely out of a paucity of wit on my part, and a desire to avoid cluttering up your inbox with inane prattle. As for your continued battle with the medics I shall continue to think happy thoughts your way, and sincerely hope all becomes well soon.

Stinkypaw said...

kara: Funny you "read" that because I had thought of "...ask me, I won't kill you."

3c: Within the next few months I should have a "better" idea, if that can be. Thanks for your help, by the way. I appreciate it.
And no, it wasn't you. :-)

marius: Too often we are judge just because people can't bear to face the truth or an honest answer. Thank you for taking me as I am. ;-) ... and the happy thoughts of course!

princess slea said...

i feel like i totally missed there drama in blogsville?

i kind of have the "direct" approach with people and issues too. i suppose i can be abrasive but i know i prefer when people put their proverbial cards on the table. can't please all the people all the time...

good luck with the medical stuff.

simplypink said...

It is so hard to not have medical answers. Ugh! I hope you have some soon, or at least a few of your questions answered.

You're not mean at all. Mean blogs are ones that constantly blast people and curse all the time. Plus blogs that make you smile on Friday are hard to come by. ;)

ps....after 3 tries the only mean thing here is the word verification. hehe!

Mild Red (The Person Formerly Known As Ananke) said...

I've always had people assuming things about me because I tend to say whatever I think whether people like it or not (usually NOT). Sometimes I worry that it makes me look mean but I'd rather be honest with people than sugarcoat things.

About the medical issues, I had no idea! No wonder it was so aggravating to you having to wait 4 freaking months to hear about the result. I can't believe they would keep you in the dark for that long. Surely they understood that you'd want to hear the results as soon as possible. That's just damned unprofessional on their part. I really hope it's not MS and since you're not symptomatic, that's reassuring. I only wish you had a solid answer for what's been giving you so much pain lately.

Tammie said...

When I was diagnosed with MS, I was actually a little relieved because the boogeyman finally had a name, and I knew it wasn't "all in my head." Then when another neurologist said it was something else (unspecified) and he could find no MS spots anywhere, I was back to the confused state again.

No, I don't want EITHER of us to have this terrible disease, but the not knowing isn't fair, either. I know why they call it "practicing" medicine.

And no, you're NOT mean. I am.

Stinkypaw said...

princess: No drama, just clearing up the "air" ;-)

pink: Thanks!

m red: I hear you about "rather be mean than sugarcoat". I'm told the pain is unrelated to MS... I have to go back for some more tests. We'll see how long that takes!

tammie: Good luck with your diagnostic as well. ...and I don't think you're mean.