Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Good busy. Yeah, that's it!

Things have been busy. I’m not complaining, it’s just an observation. I actually like being busy, especially when it’s this kind of “good busy”. Last weekend we had to completely empty our home office because Monday our new office furniture was being delivered. I’m really happy with the look of it all in the end, and despite a few things I’m glad we decided to do this. Once again, I’ve realised that we have a lot of crap! In this new configuration I have less storage than before, so it’s forcing me to get rid of some things, which is not a bad thing.

Sunday, Hubby delivered a filing cabinet to a client of mine, with his dad. That cabinet used to hold all our “older” files. In Québec, as a business, we have to keep our records for a minimum of seven years, so I had to transfer all those files into boxes until the filing/storage unit from our office was brought down.

Yesterday morning, Hubby disassembled both our desks. When the installers came in with all those pieces and boxes, the office felt pretty small. Now, that everything is in place, I think it is way more spacious than before. I like it can you tell?

Today was a day for me of figuring out where I wanted my things and what I wanted those things to be. Whatever I couldn’t store up here, had to go down to the unit. I managed to do it! Some things will be ironed out as we use the office more, but overall it’s all good! These two pictures are from our office, as it stands at the moment.

His side:

and mine:
Spacier no?

As you may remember, Friday will be our “Relay for Life”. I’m excited about it, especially since they are predicting warm weather, not this rain we’ve been having for the last week. Last year we walked in rain, I’d like a dry walk this year!

We hosted our team’s meeting two weeks ago for all to meet and it went well. I wanted unity in the team, so I ordered some caps for all 13 members. Yellow because that is the colour of cancer, and because I wanted something that would stand out, that would show that we were part of a fun team. I wouldn't normally wear this on the street, but for the Relay, at night, why not! Don’t you think they’re cute? C’mon! They are!

I also made a banner with the Relay's logo our team’s name and a daffodil, to identify our team's tent. I'm no artist like Pigeon, or like my mother-in-law used to be, but I think I did a good job, considering...

The team did super well, we managed to raise over six thousand dollars! I’m so proud of all of us. I’m very happy and grateful to all of you, dear blends, who did sponsor me. With all the generous contributions I’ve received, I managed to raise almost 3K! I’m still in shock, and soooo happy!

For those of you who might want to contribute, there are still a few days left, so please do.

The next few days will be about trying to get some work done in between and finalising the details for the Relay, preparing everything for our team so that we spend a great night together! Reads like fun, doesn’t it? Well, it is!


Marius said...

Yay for new furniture!! And that's quite the computer set up you have.(yeah, I'm a techno-geek, in case you hadn't already guessed) And I looooove those hats. Where did you find them?

Good luck with the relay, I hope you have a great time. Lots of pics, please. :-)

Ananke (Goddess With An Identity Crisis) said...

Those hats are great! You have to post some pictures of your team wearing them. :-D

Stinkypaw said...

marius: I married a REAL geek, and being consultant in computing, we have to have to toys. Oops! I meant the tools! ;-) I ordered those hats from "Oriental Trading Company" (www.orientaltrading.com) - they have a lot of cool stuff, especially for kids.
I'll take pictures for sure!

ananke: I will,promise!

simplypink said...

I like your new set up. I really like yours, corners make use of normally wasted space. Feel proud of yourself! :)

Stinkypaw said...

pink: Thank you! It does feel better and roomier, despite being in a corner.

Purple Pigeon said...

Very posh new office, i like it! And those duck hats are fabulous! Definately make sure you post pics of you all wearing them in all their glory!

princess slea said...

wowee, raising 6K for the cancer society, that is so great.
i love the atmosphere at a relay event. it feels good to be taking part in that.

hope you have good weather.

Kara said...

offices remind me of work. which makes me want to drink.

but yours is nice, though.

Tammie said...

OK, I'm jealous. The new office space is great! I didn't realize condos could be so roomy.

Congratulations and bonne chance with the Relay. Lots of good karma there, my friend!

Stinkypaw said...

pigeon: Thank you!

princess: We did, thanks!

kara: Thanks!

tammie: Condos can be as roomy as you can afford... just like houses, I guess... We just don't have a yard. Thanks!