Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend shopping

Another weekend that zipped by real quick… I don’t know about you, but they seem to go by faster than they used to. No matter, it was a pleasant one. We didn’t do anything special, except some chores and you know, the regular things we do on weekends.

We’ve been here for almost a year already and it does feel like home, but not everything is done. Actually the only things left, really, are our light fixtures. We are picky and let me be honest, at this point, cheap. We want something that looks good, is right for the spot and isn’t too expensive. When we do find something we both like, often the price is one we’re not willing to pay at this point in time. A few weeks ago we were hit with our welcome tax, school taxes and municipal taxes for 2007 and 2008. Our lovely city was expecting us to spit up over 6K in one shot. Yeah OK, we’re made of money after all! Let’s just say that lights were not our first priority for some reason.

Saturday we went for dim sum, in Chinatown, walked around a little. Made our way home and then decided to go for a drive, ran some errands and made our way to a light store, next to Hubby’s client. I’ve been complaining (read bitching) about the lack of light, or the lighting quality in the kitchen. That “jobber special” wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I wanted light. We both knew what type of fixture we wanted for the kitchen, and we agreed it was time to get something at least for that. We still don’t have fixtures for the bathroom (above the sink), we did buy something but didn’t really like how it looked, so now it’s in the hallway and it’s perfect there. Neither our bedroom, nor our office nor our entrance has fixtures. And we’re missing some (3) downstairs as well; all in due time. We did get to the store at about 4:20pm (they closed at 5pm), looked around quickly and found something we both liked and in our budget. We bought it and Hubby installed it. It’s perfect, and man does it make the kitchen bright! Yay for light!

Last year, before we moved, we had a garage sale, where I was super efficient at selling a bunch of our stuff. According to Hubby I was too efficient. At the end of our sale a neighbour came by and asked if our patio set was for sale. It was out because we needed the table, so I told him to make me an offer I could not refuse. He did and I sold it. So… since we have been here we don’t have any patio furniture. Last week I wanted to work outside, and my set up sucked, so I didn’t. We get a lot of sun on our deck, so I thought it was also time to maybe start looking at patio furniture… so we did. We wanted something low maintenance, that looked good, that wasn’t plastic, and of course not too expensive. Our choices were limited. We, again, realised real fast that the things we like are not cheap. The “outdoor furnishing” is big now. Some items are nice enough to be used indoor. I would, anyway. We thought we wanted teak. Teak is nice, can withstand the rigors of our climate… but its price… yikes!

We fell in love with this (at least I did!)... this was a Kingsley-Bate, dining chairs & table:

Gorgeous, but man... It would be more expensive than our dinning room set!

Because our deck space is limited, we need something that is space-efficient. I had seen this set (below) last year, in a catalogue I received by mail, which has a lot of cool toys, but not many cheap ones, Hubby said it wasn’t the “right” time after I had showed it to him...

I didn't see it anywhere in stores, and was thinking that maybe, I would have to made due, this year again, of sitting in my foldable rocker if I wanted to sit outside.

After looking around at our options, we decided that this year, since we (read I) do need (read want) something to “enjoy” our deck on nice sunny days, that maybe this set wasn’t that expensive after all. Granted it's not teak, but Shorea wood which is said to be preferred for its outdoor, weather-resistant durability. The 40" octagonal table comes with the four folding chairs. Check this out, the chairs stack underneath the table when not in use. How cool is that?

When we came back, a bit discouraged by the price of teak, we bit the bullet and ordered this trestle patio table and stow away chairs.

The price of this whole set is less than two times the price of one chair of the other set. You read that right. One chair was twice the price of this whole set. Crazy no?

Now we just have to wait for it to be delivered... let's hope it's good, not too woobly and comfy. That's the part I hate about catalogue orders, besides the wait; not having seen nor felt the stuff I'm ordering. Argh.


Marius said...

One of the consquences of having been a bachelor for so long is that up until recently I had never actually purchased a stick of furniture. I had always been the grateful recipient of cast offs, left behinds, or 'thanks for helping us want this?' Now that I have to be respectable and actually ponder the word decor, I am frequently horrified at the price of furniture. And as you discovered price does not necessarily equal quality. Good find on the ninja patio set. :-)

Ananke (Goddess With An Identity Crisis) said...

I've been in my house 4 years and have yet to buy a stick of furniture for the deck. Like you, I'm put off by the price of all the (expensive) stuff I like. I hate having champagne tastes on a beer budget. ;-)

Lara said...

Congrats on your table purchase! Isn't it outrageous, the cost of patio furniture? Shudder.

Stinkypaw said...

marius: That's for sure prices don't have much to do with quality.

ananke: Love that champagne and beer quote!

lara: Thanks! It is a big scam!