Sunday, July 20, 2008

Very Berry Sweet

I just love this time of year! Not only is it hot, humid and sticky, but the earth is giving us its best! I love going to the market and see mountains of fresh veggies, fruits, flowers, name it, it’s there!

We’re having a great summer for strawberries, there are so many, and there’s nothing like biting into a big, sweet strawberry that has been in the sun all day! I just love it!

Right now raspberries are getting just ripe and boy are they sweet & just tart enough. Those are one of my favourites field berries. I could do without their seeds, but then again, that’s part of it. I love to bite into a seed long after I’m done with the fruits as such, it just brings back enough tartness to remind me of how good those berries were. We went to the market today and bought a bunch of strawberries and raspberries, as well as some fresh sausages. Among our diverse selection we picked one made out of pork and raspberries. For dinner we had a selection of sausages: Inferno (really spicy), Port and White Pepper, and finally Chorizo. The best, in my taste, was the raspberry one; you could really taste the fruit. For dessert I’ve made a type of shortcake and mixed some strawberries & raspberries, just because I couldn’t decide which one I should use.

The smell in the house while it was baking was very nice and it tasted even better.

Earlier, Hubby made some margaritas. He was a bit generous on the tequila, as usual for his drinks. I wanted “Strawberry Margarita” so he threw in a bunch of fresh strawberries; it was delicious! I had two big glasses, and had to lie down for five to ten minutes, because everything was spinning. Good thing was, I couldn’t feel my back! What can I say, I’m a cheap date! Always have been, and probably always will be!

After dinner, I made my way to Notre-Dame to watch the fireworks. It was Australia’s turn. They were beautiful, the best so far this year, so many different patterns and colours, gorgeous and lit up the sky so nicely... I did manage to take a few shots.

On the last one you can see the "shadow" of the Jacques Cartier Bridge (closed for the occasion). It's hard to take a good shot of these suckers without a tripod, etc... but you still can get an idea, no?

I also took this one of the Clock Tower, in the Old Port, with the full moon, and the Montreal Casino in the back.
It was a beautiful night to end a very sweet day!


Marius said...

One of the nice things about living in Florida is we always have a supply of fresh, ripe sausages. Mmmmmmmm.


Sounds yummy. And what's with all the fireworks? Is it a holiday?

Stinkypaw said...

marius: When is season, they are delicious, aren't they! ;-)

It's not a holiday every Saturday (rain or shine) there's been fireworks because it's the "Montreal International Fireworks Competition", 8 countries. SO far, we've had Italy (nice), South Korea (lame), Portugal (didn't see), Australia (amazing). Coming up are Canada, Austria, USA & China. It's the 24th edition, every summer... You should come to Montreal one summer (between June and August) and you'd see some for sure!

Annake said...

Even without a tripod, those pictures are fantastic. :-D

Sam said...

Great pics!! The strawbs look yummy!!
Glad you had a good time, hope your back is ok xxx

lizgwiz said...

Your weekend sounds delightful. As usual. I have GOT to come hang out with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Darn it, now I'm craving Strawberry Shortcake (and no I don't mean the kids show...ha..ha..)

oooo! I think I'll quash that craving by having a Pomegranate Mojito when I get home. w00t! :)

Christina_the_wench said...

Homemade strawberry jam on warm fresh baked bread. Mmmmmmm....

No lunch and now I am hungry. Pffftt...

Kara said...

mmm, i just want to swim in those bowls. that's possible, right?

Paisley said...

mmmm - it's hard to find berries like that here. they always seem to be "questionable" on the bottom of the container. Yumzers. Enjoy some for me!

timethief said...

Your photos are lovely. I'm blessed with access to homegrown berries that are so tasty they make you drool. The freezer is full of strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, golden raspberries and soon the blackberries will be ripe as well. I have been eating bowls full topped with real cream from the neighbors Jersey cow ....mmmm good. :)

Stinkypaw said...

ananke: Thank you madam!

sam: The strawberries are delicious! My back is getting better every day!

lizgwiz: You have GOT to! ;-)

cinnkitty: That mojito reads good! Thank you for coming by, hope to see you again!

christina: There's nothing like homemade food, is there? Glad to see you around!

kara: Everything is possible! (in here at least! ;-)

paisley: I will, promise!

timethief: My freezer as well is full of those yummy berries. I wanted to get cream but decided to go with ice cream. Thanks for dropping by & hope to see you again as well!