Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cheers to Good Friends!

The fact that we got married in Hawaii complicated things a little, not everybody was willing to go that far, even if they were notified nine months prior to the event. Despite all that, we did manage to have a reception with over 40 people.

When we decided to get married, Hubby asked a good friend of his to be his best man and I asked his girlfriend to be my matron of honour. They both accepted. Only them and my mother made the trip especially for the wedding, the rest of our guests were there for a karate seminar (we combined attending the seminar and getting married in Hawaii) or local friends.

They took their role very seriously. They respected our wishes of not wanting individual stags, but a party with friends. That was such a fun evening; games, good food and friends, what more can we asked for? They gave up their yearly cycling tour to attend our wedding, which was a big thing since we knew how much they loved that tour. They took us out on our last night “being single” in Waikiki, and were very helpful in Hawaii and in Montreal for our second reception, where more than 100 people attended. They were and still are good friends.

Last night we had a good dinner with them. They took us out for our anniversary. They’ve been doing this since our wedding, every year.

They also give us an anniversary gift:

The first year, the paper anniversary: a nice gift certificate for a weekend getaway.

The second year, the cotton anniversary: a gorgeous love throw.

The third year, the leather anniversary: a unique mirror framed in leather.

The fourth, the flowers anniversary: a beautiful vase with flowers.

The firth year, the wood anniversary: a cute couple of wooden cats about 2’ tall.

The sixth year, the iron anniversary: a beautiful wind chime.

The seventh year, the copper anniversary: a beautiful copper fondue set.

And this year, the pottery anniversary: a lovely kitties couple.

Remember last year I had done a post about all the cats in our house? It dawn on me last night that a lot of those I didn’t buy myself, they were gifts!

Through the years she became an even better friend, someone I can trust and count on. We don't see them much in the summer because they are always on their boat every free moments they have, and I just don't do boats... I feel sick just looking at them. I'm happy they are part of our lives. With friends like them who needs relatives!


noble pig said...

I'm sure your friend is smiling ear to ear after readibg this.

Marius said...

Warm fuzzy. :-)

Annake said...

Aw, that's so sweet! :-D

Stinkypaw said...

noble pig: If they read my blog, I'm sure they would!

marius: Just like a belly rub!

annake: That's because of all the sweets I've been eating!