Sunday, August 03, 2008

Nice & Expensive!

Ever had a weekend when you think you’ll be busy, running around, and won’t have much time for yourself? That’s how our weekend was looking on Friday evening.

Saturday we were having a cousin of mine over for dinner. In the morning Hubby went for his haircut, while I remained in bed, sound asleep. When he came home he made sure to wake me up reminding me that my cousin was coming early. I got up, prepared the meat to be marinated, got dressed and went grocery shopping. After we were done, we walked to a bike store looking for a tool. We came out of there with two cycling jerseys and socks, but no tool. We then had a bite to eat at a little café and slowly made our way home. I prepared the veggies, did a load of laundry and dusted a little. Cousin showed up early. She was here before 5pm. As I was bending down to pick the garbage bag, my back got jammed, again! There I was, hardly able to breath, stuck. I lay down on the sofa, and Hubby set me up for icing, after which he showed our place to my cousin, since it was her first visit. I popped some muscle relaxant and managed to finish preparing dinner with Hubby’s help. We had a nice dinner that we ended with delicious Irish Coffees that Hubby makes so well. Since we could hear the fireworks, cousin asked about it and the two of us made our way to see them. It was China’s turn. They weren’t that great looking but they were very loud. We walked back home, continued chatting and she left at 1 am, after which I went straight to bed.

This morning our only plans were to meet friends for Dim Sum in Chinatown and then go pick up some shoes for me. We walked to the restaurant, had a nice meal, caught up with our friends, and walked back home. We then decided to go to Laval and see if those shoes I had asked to be transferred from another store, would actually fit me. They did. I love Merrell shoes. They are not the dainty type, but for city walking, they are perfect. I just love them!

The last few weeks have been expensive ones, lots of expenses. The previous weekend, we ordered a Murphy bed, for our room downstair. We have friends from Zurich coming in October and didn’t want them sleeping on the floor on an air mattress, so… After many deliberations and change of plans, we finally ordered one. It’s going to be gorgeous, with lots of storing and will totally change the look of that room. I can hardly wait!

When I asked Hubby today, on our way home, if he’d mind going by St-Denis St. just "to see", he gave me a funny look (as he often does anyway!), but he did anyway. There is a home decoration shop where we had seen some nice stuff in the past where we could just lurk around, for something to find… Well… we did!

We managed to finally find our bathroom fixture. We’ve only been here for a year! ;-) I can hardly believe that it's already installed. In the past, it would have ended up in the garage and sat there for a while, a long while before Hubby would actually think of installing it. There is a good side to be space confine!

As we’re walking around Hubby saw this little table and said: “Now, this I like!” He never says things like that. He’s always lukewarm when it comes to furniture and such. Since I’ve wanted a little end table next to my chair, and since I liked it as well, we bought it! Just like that! And we even ordered another piece of furniture! We were on a roll, on an expensive roll that is!

If only we could generate money as easily as we generate snot, we’d be rich!

Images: Merrell & Dainolite


Marius said...

I hate it when I can't find my tool. ;-)

Juvenile Humor Man, away!!

hee hee

flurrious said...

Due to a combination of claustrophobia and pessimism, I'm afraid of Murphy beds. I know the bed won't fold up into the wall while I'm sleeping in it, but I also know that it totally will.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I feel ya! On the whole back thing.. oh my god I don't have a single muscle that isn't sore right now AND i've got bruises the size of Canada, everywhere.

AND on the spending thing.. and I still have 2 more pieces to purchase to finish my "look" in the new place. Oh wait, make that 3. :)

Cool table!!

Stinkypaw said...

marius: He was looking for a specific tool for his bike, you fool! ;-)

flurrious: I see your point, and have thought of it, but then again I won't be the one sleeping on it! ;-)

pinkpp: Thanks! Moving is expensive, at least it was for us, since we changed EVERYthing!

Traceytreasure said...

Sorry about your back. It sounds like you didn't let it stop you from finding some great items. Shoes, Furniture and Fireworks? Sounds great to me!! :)

I tagged you for a Meme!! I hope you don't mind!

Not too tight hugs!! :)