Sunday, October 19, 2008

Worth it and then some!

I’m sorry if I haven’t been visiting you much the past few days, but I’ve been visiting other places, like a beach here and there… you know what I mean.

We left Wednesday morning, friggin’ early, and spent that day travelling. It’s nice to come here, but man, it’s far! From the moment we arrived at the Montreal airport until the moment we landed at our destination, +19 hours flew by. I can’t even imagine how it must have been in the days when travel was done by boat, argh! I’m nauseous thinking about the time it would have taken and then to think of the boat ride… If any of you read “The Outlander” by Gabaldon, and remember how Jamie would be sick any time he took a boat, well, I’m just as bad. The simple thought of it, and I turn green!

Anyway, I thought I'd show you the "scenery" I've seen on our way here:

First, as we were getting ready for take off, at the Pierre-Elliott Trudeau's airport (YUL):

Second, is from the Edmonton airport, as we arrived there (YEG):

I had never been there before, man, it IS really flat! It was beautiful to look at it all from the air, looked like a big quilt.

Third, we landed in Vancouver, can yo see the Rockies behind the clouds (YVR)?

I didn't take one of our final destination, since when we arrived it was quite dark... but the next morning, this is what we woke up to... worth the trip no?

I think so! ;-)


Kara said...

damn. three more months and i get to take pictures like that. jealous.

Marius said...

Somehow I missed the part when you said where you were going. Where is that lovely seascape?

tNb said...

Ooooh, glimpses of home! Born and bred in Alberta, then spent the last 11 years in Vancouver ... strange how images can pull at our heartstrings.

Wherever you landed, I hope you have a wonderful time! I'm headed for the beach in just a few minutes myself ... ;-)

Annake said...

Definitely worth the trip!!! And now I'm jealous because it's getting cold here and you're someplace warm. ;-)

lizgwiz said...

I'm not jealous at all. (I am SUCH a liar.) ;)

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I'm totally jealous!! Hope you are having a blast. :)

Marius said...

I got a postcard from Hawaii today. Too cool!! :-)

Brave Astronaut said...

I got a postcard the other day as well! How exciting! If you are still there, maybe you will get to see our next president - who is heading there to visit with his ailing grandmother.

Stinkypaw said...

kara: Be patient, you'll get to take pictures soon enough...

marius: I take it you figured it all out by now! ;-)

tnb: Images and smells have that effect. I'm enjoying my time at the beach, for sure!

annake: The best so far was when my mom called to let me know they were announcing snow back home!

lizgwiz: :-)

ppaws: Have a blast and trying to max the time left.

brave a: It's all over the news here, that's for sure! BTW, like "our next president" - Hawai'i is soooo Obama-fan!