Friday, October 17, 2008

Your Friday Smile!

Since I was on a plane for over 10 hours, I thought this one was appropriate:

A plane leaves Los Angeles airport under the control of a Jewish captain. His co-pilot is Chinese. It's the first time they've flown together, and an awkward silence between the two seems to indicate a mutual dislike.

Once they reach cruising altitude, the Jewish captain activates the auto-pilot, leans back in his seat, and mutters, "I don't like Chinese."

"No rike Chinese?" asks the copilot, "....why not?"

"You people bombed Pearl Harbor , that's why !"
"No, no," the co-pilot protests, "Chinese not bomb Peahl Hahbah! That Japanese, not Chinese."
"Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese... doesn't matter, you're all alike!"

There's a few minutes of silence.

"I no rike Jews either!" the co-pilot suddenly announces.
"Oh yeah, why not?" asks the captain.
"Jews sink Titanic."
"What? That's insane! Jews didn't sink the Titanic!" exclaims the captain, "It was an iceberg!"

"Iceberg, Goldberg, Greenberg, Rosenberg , mattah... all same


Have a great weekend!


simplypallu said...

The Chinese/Jew joke cracked me up. I report to a person name Greenberg, and I almost visualized him as an iceberg!
But manager is cool as ice... he'd laugh it off if I forwarded him this :)

tNb said...

I'll have to remember this one for my next 10 hour flight! :-)

noble pig said...

My Jewish hubby will love this one.