Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Felt luuuuuvvv

Yes. Yesterday was my birthday. I didn’t do anything special, really, vacuumed and rested since I was really feeling sick. I don’t know if it’s the age thing or what, but I felt nauseous all day almost.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but on Sunday night when I went to bed, this strange thought came to mind: would remember it was my birthday… I know it’s vain, or self-centred or whatever else you want to call it, but I felt like crap and my mind went there. Sad, I know.

While talking with a good friend, she made me realised that I often do stuff for others. I do it because I want to and because it brings me joy, so yes, I’m selfish. (I admit it.) At the same time, I’m not looking for recognition as such; I do whatever I do, by choice. Sunday night I felt vulnerable, crappy, or maybe even menstrual (if I had a cycle still…) and I wanted to be loved or at least feel some love.
I’ve received a bunch of birthday cards, phone calls, lots of wishes through Kaceboof, which touched me, even if it was just a quick “Happy Birthday”.

I appreciated the fact that some people with whom I don’t exchange often even took the time to drop me a line. It felt good!

Thank you guys so much, for all your good wishes. I needed that. It felt good to be on the receiving end this time... Thanks again!


lizgwiz said...

It sucks that you were sick on your birthday! I think you should get a do-over. Pick a day you're feeling swell and deem it your birthday, with all the perks thereof!

flurrious said...

Oh, I missed it! Happy belated birthday! And I agree with Liz; you're entitled to a do-over.

Annake said...

Rats, I knew I was supposed to do something this week: send you a birthday wish!!!! Argh, I've been going through some family drama and my mind hasn't been focused. Oh well, happy belated birthday!!!!! :-D

Charlie said...

Never feel guilty about feeling pleasure from the things you do for people by choice. You are a good-hearted person, and think how you would feel if you didn't do all those little things.

To me, there is no such thing as 100% altruism—I think it only natural that we feel good for our efforts because we are human.

Nicotine Jones said...

Belated happy birthday!!! Sorry. I've been a bad blogger lately. Hope you're having a good week and that the cold isn't too bad in the great white north.

Stinkypaw said...

lizgwiz: I like this idea of yours!

flurrious: Thanks, I appreciate the thought.

annake: Hope it's nothing too serious and thank you - better late than none! ;-)

charlie: Thank you Charlie, you're too sweet. I'll try to remember that.

nicotine: Thank you, and it's starting to snow, so no the cold isn't so bad.

Janes Insane said...

I missed your birthday? I'm sorry. 29, right?
A belated happy birthday to you.

Stinkypaw said...

janes: No problem, and at times I wish I was 29 again... ;-) Thanks for the wishes!

Anonymous said...


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