Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Serious trip back in time or looking for friends...

Since I’ve been on Bacefook I wasn’t one who was thinking it was the coolest thing around, far from it. It was fun, but I guess I still enjoy blogging too much to really get hooked on Bacefook. Yes it was/is nice to find some people, even to put a face to some blends, but it wasn’t “all that”. Not for me at least.

A few weeks ago I did a random search on people I went to high school with. That was only twenty-five years ago, so I assumed some of them might be on Bacefook. I did find a few people who were in years ahead of me, and plenty of youngsters still there or from recent years.

I found one girl, who was one year younger then me, but whose brother was the same year as me. We exchanged one message and that was that. Today her brother was online so I “poked” him. We chatted for more than thirty minutes and sadly enough both came to the conclusion that our year sucked. Nobody kept in touch. There were lots of little cliques and it seems that once we were out of there, we never looked back. From those five years, in a private school (on top of that, which meant smaller), I didn’t keep in touch with anyone. How sad is that?

Today I actually reconnected with at least four people from that time. When Hubby came home I was chatting with three people at once. Since then I even posted some pictures I had from back then. Looking at those pictures, I can’t help but feel a little old…er, after all this was well over twenty-five years. Where does the time go? Really, does anyone know? If so, please do tell.

To find out that almost every one of them were married and have kids was a little strange. I guess I still see them/us (in my mind) as the odd teenagers they/we once were. Hee. Even if I do know we all aged, some people changed a lot faster than others. Men especially. Funny what hair loss will do to an ex-player/jock type dude… actually it’s more sad than funny, to be honest. Between aging, hair loss and weight gain, no wonder we’re having a hard time recognizing ourselves.


Marius said...

Both Basefook and the now abandoned SpyMace helped me reconnect with some long lost friends, and even some family, but I don't get into the games and stuff that much. I, too, have tried to track down old friends from high school, unfortunately the ones I was really close to are still my friends, and the few who got away seem to be running silent, and deep. :-(

Anonymous said...

As you know I just started doing this yesterday. It has been 20 years since I was in high school and
I have kept up with absolutely no one. I was surprised yesterday by the messages I got- I did not realize anyone would be looking for me or missing me. I am happy to report that everyone seems to have grown up to be happy, productive people.
One odd thing for me- I have changed very much since high school, so I just assumed everyone else did too. it is weird how some people are still just like they were- even liking the exact same things. Or maybe it is not weird at all and I am just weird for begin so different?

Attila The Mom said...

I actually did a search on an old friend from elementary school. Always wondered what happened to him.

Found him coaching high school football in California. Still haven't mustered up the energy/nerve to email him. LOL

And you're right---where DOES the time go?

flurrious said...

Meerkats! Dance of Joy!

I'm not on FB. I don't have any objection to FB in particular; I'm just tired of things on the internet that require me to log in.

O'Dell Mitchell said...
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Traceytreasure said...

I have no idea where the time goes. If I did know, I'd go there and try to buy some back!! LOL!! :)

I'm glad that you reconnected with some of your friends. I was surprised when I saw pictures of my classmates from reunions. I was a different person back then and I almost feel as if that part of me is dead and buried. I have a couple of girlfriends and I found out last year that one of my old boyfriends died in March. He had been trying to reach my bff from 7th grade but he couldn't get in touch with her. I wonder what he wanted to tell her or if he was just reaching out to say "hi!"

Good luck with Bacebook!! Have fun!


P.S. I was signed in as hubby above. I need to get him his own computer!! Sorry!!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

ha..ha.ha.. I've been shocked at how many folks from my HS year have tried to "friend" me. I HATED HS and they all hated me. (I moved into a po'dunk school my 10th grade year and they never made me feel welcomed)

But, I laugh over several things. #1 -- almost ALL of them still live in po'dunk and that's just sad.

#2 -- none of them have aged well and I look better now than I did back then. bwa..ha.ha..

This year would be my 20 year reunion. Scary!

Stinkypaw said...

Marius: SpyMace, funny!
I'm finding our some of my friends moved South of the border... so maybe they're your friends now?!

Monkey: It must have been a nice boost to find out people missed you and were looking for you? I don't think it's that strange that you've changed, or think that people haven't. It's hard to tell at times, who and how and if really changes occured...

atm: Come on, you'll done all the leg work, so now email him, at worst he'll never respond!

flurrious: Doing the dance with you! And I hear you for the log in thing, argh!

traceyt: Had me wondering who this man was! LOL Sorry about your friend, and who knows why he tried to reconnect, he left with the answer to that one.

PPPaws: I didn't particularly enjoy HS either, so I can relate.

cinnamon girl said...

Oooh, you're on Basefook? Befriend me!

Within a day of my joining the one person from school who I was wondering about found me. That was cool. Since then I've had friend requests from people I never even spoke to at school, and even one from my arch-nemesis. It makes my mind boggle. Are they nostalgic for something that never existed, or somehow trying to make out like they had heaps of friends in school? I don't know.