Monday, January 12, 2009

"This is used to be our funhouse, but now it’s full of evil clowns."*

Often when I’m asked how I’m doing I will answer “Same shit, different day”. After this past weekend, I can’t really say that. What started as an inconvenient weekend turned into a nightmare.

When we got up Saturday, we very rapidly realised we had no water. Made a few phone calls, even called the City because it’s been cold here, and city pipes have been busting here and there, nothing to report in our neck of the woods. Talked with a neighbour, turns out they don’t have water either. We now know it’s not us, alone. Another round of calls; plumber is being dispatched. A few hours later (to be expected, it’s the weekend after all) some Gino shows up (yes, I’m being derogative here, but the guy looked more like a drug pusher/pimp than a plumber), looks around and comes back about thirty minutes later to tell me that our pipes are frozen. A neighbour, two doors down, left their garage door opened, all night… Their garage and ours are side by side, and the pipes go through theirs.

An hour or so later, some other plumber (who did look like one!) showed up with equipment to thaw our pipes. The first try didn’t work for us, but did for our neighbours. So they brought in a bigger dryer and we have water again. Yay! Oh… wait… hummm… there’s water on the wall there… Sir! Something’s not right, shut the water down!

Within minutes of the water having been turned back on, it was raining in our condo. Started on the wall where our A/C unit is, then through the air exchanger, then the hallway lights, the bathroom lights, the kitchen’s recessed lights. We had towels and buckets everywhere. WTF? Our twit (read neighbour) above us had turned on the faucet in their bathroom when we (all) had no water and had left the building. When the water came back, guess what happened?

Can you say “NOT happy campers at all”? Whenever Hubby says: “Watch out for them (them being morons), they’re everywhere”, I had never realised before this past weekend, we were actually living with some so damn close!

* Lyrics from Pink's "Funhouse"


Mousse said...

YIKES !!!! This will no doubt entail some significant water's very dangerous once it hits electrical fixtures. Is your home deemed safe ? How traumatizing, I feel for you guys -STOOPID neighbor......:-(

Charlie said...

I wonder sometimes how some people manage to dress themselves and walk around on 2 legs instead of 4.

Anonymous said...

Did the same person who left the garage door open leave the water on? i hope so- it will make it easier to focus the hate.

Do you have a condo association that can mediate what will certainly be a a financial problem?

All my sympathies- how terrible!

Marius said...

That is major suckage. I hope that everything turns out all right, and that the upstairs retard has good insurance.

flurrious said...

This is why I would never live in a condo or townhouse. People. So stupid.

lizgwiz said...

People are stupid. That is all. :)

Stinkypaw said...

Mousse: Damages occured, but our place is still safe. They're everywhere!

Charlie: I've asked myself the same question. Plus, they're allowed to reproduce, scary!

Monkey: Nope 2 separate twits. I'll be spreading the "luv";-)
Our condo insurance will cover the cost of the repaint job, after the walls are replastered, etc. Those costs will be covered by the condo association's insurance.

Marius: I hope so for him as well. We're ready to go "American" on him and sue his ass!

flurrious: We've tried it (the condo thing) and maybe it won't be for us after all...

Traceytreasure said...


You need a stupid detector or something.... So sorry! They're here too (next door ;) ) if that makes you feel any better.


Annake said...

Argh!!!! I can't believe someone could be that stupid! Hubby is right, they're everywhere.

Stinkypaw said...

TraceyT: If I had a stupid detector, I'd be ringing all the time!

Annake: Scary when you think of it!