Sunday, February 01, 2009

I need a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down...

I’m feeling a little frazzled so excuse me if I’m all over the place in this post, as if I’m not normally, ah!

- Tomorrow morning the workers will be coming in to rip apart our ceiling and some walls to repair the water damages. That will be so pleasant. To top it all up, the alarm company for the building will be doing some tests and will have the alarm ringing for about thirty minutes. Can you feel the excitement?

- Because of the repairs going on and because I do most of my work from home, I will be confine to the office for the next few days (hopefully it won’t be weeks!) and our poor cat will be locked down in the basement.

- I’m excited (not really sure which way though) about the thought of seeing some boys from high school, which I haven’t seen in over twenty-five years! Strange thing though, one of them was a bully and I do wonder if he’s changed at all… for some reason I have my doubts, and all of this because of Bacefook.

- I’m sad when I think of Patrick Swayze being in his last moments. He did have an important place in my fantasy life after “Dirty Dancing” and “Road House”, and to think that he will soon be gone saddens me. He seemed to be a nice guy. We’ve been watching his new show “The Beast” in which he’s actually good, he does/did a good meanie. The show has/had potential.

- Even if I’m already done with winter, I can not believe that we are already in February. Not that it is a bad thing, but half the winter is done with, can you feel the joy? I even noticed on Thursday walking home from the metro, daylight is starting to be longer a little. That is always a very good sign.

- Oh yeah, the answer to the riddle is: “They are both thinking the exact same thing: Don't look down.

Image: Frazzled


Traceytreasure said...

Thanks for the answer. Maybe I'll sleep tonight! LOL!! ;)

Big hugs for the coming week....
Crossed fingers and best wishes that everything goes smoothly!

P.S. If that bully hasn't changed, kick his ass! LOL!!

Attila The Mom said...

Even though we're way up in the mountains, it hardly feels like winter yet. There's only been a couple of really cold days.

I'm starting to feel a little cheated. LOL

Marius said...

May the home invasion be brief, and painless. And my sympathies to basement cat.

Jason Stockl said...

As someone that just had my own bathroom ripped up by our landlord... I sympathize totally. Good luck and stay strong.

Hope hubby doesn't have too many "flébittes"... (they run in the family!)


Periwinkle Studio said...

That is a lot to deal with! I hate it when the alarm goes off for only one minute let alone 30!
I am crossing my fingers that the repairs will go smoothly and be finished very quickly.
I am sad about him dying too! Terrible just terrible!

I am always looking forward to stopping by and saying hi! You are a really great person and so glad we met! I'll have to bottle up some sunshine for you. :)

Annake said...

I'm so done with winter. Spring cannot get here fast enough!!! Hope you don't have to have the workers in your house too long. :-D

lizgwiz said...

Try not to pull all your hair out this week...

Stinkypaw said...

Traceyt: Glad to be contributing to your nightly rest. I've thought about "pay back" for the bully. Hee.

atm: Don't please, enjoy the nice weather.

Marius: Poor kitty, yesterday was stressful for him...

Jason: Hubby LOL when he read your comment, thanks!

Periwinkle: Sunshine in a bottle, I would need more a jug than a little bottle! ;-)

Annake: At this exact moment, I prefer winter to the workers, argh!

Lizgwiz: Missing a chunk