Saturday, February 28, 2009

Now, that's impressive...


And to think some people don't even know where Canada (never mind Québec) is!


Marius said...

If I prove I know where Canada is do I have to do the smarty pants dance?

LLnL said...

That is precious.

Charlie said...

Marius: I don't know you (other than your comments here), but I should think the answer would be yes.

And SP, that is one smart baby. Try the same thing with high school seniors and see what you get.

I happen to know where Montreal is. It's waaaay northeast from where I am in the desert. So there.

Annake said...

Ha! I've been to Canada so I know where it is. OK, I know where Ontario is. And if memory serves, Quebec is near Ontario. Now if I could just remember the capital of North Dakota. ;-)

Stinkypaw said...

Marius: But of course!

LLnL: Welcome to my world!

Charlie: From experience, we could do this test with ANYbody of the streets and the results would be "interesting" for sure!

Annake: You're right we're next to Ontario. :-)