Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stick a fork in me, I’m done!

I can not express the level of disgust I’m feeling when I think of all the work still left to do. Every single room in our condo has to be cleaned, not just dusted, no, thoroughly washed and all. I feel like rolling into a ball, a hide under my desk for a while…

It is exciting to see it’s starting to look like our place again; the painter came yesterday and did a nice job of repainting whatever needed it. He was quick, despite his constant moaning. With every stroke he did, he moaned. It made for an interesting afternoon, to say the least. I must say I’m very thankful for latex paint. I would have died if he had used oil-based paint. I could hardly sleep last night thanks to the smell, and today my eyes are burning again. I’m thinking between the accumulation of dust, paint fumes etc. I’ll be lucky not to have my allergies back. I can do without that at this point.

I can’t help to see how dusty everything is, it’s sickening. No matter where I look, I see this white film… I can’t stand it anymore. ARRRGGHHHH!!!

Just as I’m typing this, the doorbell rang and three men were standing by our door, with buckets and rags in hands, to clean our place. Actually, they’re here to clean the sinister area, i.e. living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway & bathroom. Yippee! Already I can smell the cleaning products over the paint smell, awww, it is such a sweet smell…

I called my mommy and tomorrow she will be coming over and help me do my China Cabinet and wash all those gorgeous and fragile glasses that I love but didn’t realise when we chose them that the platinum rim wasn’t dishwasher friendly – my bad. Oh well, my mom is happy to help and I’ll be glad to spend some time with her, so it’s a “win-win” situation, wouldn't you agree?

Image: Fork in cat


Charlie said...

Poor kitty!

Despite all the pain, and maybe because of it, everything is going to be so bright and shiny and new.

Like the song, be happy, don't worry . . .

Traceytreasure said...

Breathe...It'll all be over soon!
If that doesn't work try clicking your heels together!! LOL!!

Have fun with your mom!


PinkPiddyPaws said... people! Gotta love it. But you'll feel SO much better once you've given everything a good cleaning yourself. Blast the music and have fun! (just avoid drinking and comet on loofahs..ha.ha.)

flurrious said...

Ha. "The sinister area."

Marius said...

Wow, they're actually cleaning up after themselves? Canada really is on another planet, isn't it. ;-)

Stinkypaw said...

Charlie: Thanks, I've been trying to be happy and not worry.

Traceyt: Thank you, it is FINALLY over.

PPPaws: I redid everthing last night, and it's now Spic 'n Span!

flurrious: It was, really.

Marius: Not on another planet, but surely from! ;-)

Periwinkle Studio said...

Can those three guys with buckets come over to my house?
I can never seem to keep up with all the cleaning. Never ending and I just want it to be all magically put away and tidied up.....oh well.
In my

A new paint job makes such a big difference!