Monday, February 09, 2009

Excuse me while I dust myself off, will you?

The repair work is done. Woohoo! Tomorrow they are re-painting and then the cleaning process starts, an early Spring-cleaning. It will be good for our morals to regain full access to our home. For the last week we’ve been confined to our office and bedroom; we could barely use our kitchen and the bathroom. To add to this charming experience, Tobi (our cat) has been leaving white paw prints everywhere he went, which means, on every thing!

Since we’ve moved here we did change almost all of our furniture, some by choice but mostly because we had to. On this side of the border, unlike the States, we don’t leave appliances behind; we buy some even when living in a rental place and move with them. When we sold our house we had managed to sell all our appliances to the new owners who didn’t have any. Hubby often says: "Moving wasn't that expensive, but replacing all of our furniture sure was!"

Since a big part of our condo will be re-painted and everything will be freshly cleaned we decided to bite the bullet and also “finish” the upstairs floor. Our bedroom and office didn’t have any light fixtures other than the “jobber” lights, so over the weekend we went out and purchased fixtures to finish off those rooms.

We also decided to take a bigger chunk out of that bullet and replace that thirty plus years old dresser we’ve been using as a TV unit for the last year and a half. We (as in Hubby) knew what we wanted, but really couldn’t afford it. He We wanted to wait for a better time, that moment in time where we would be able to afford it, which will never come. We looked at many options, and finally decided to go with his our first expensive choice.

Good thing we didn't have to directly pay for the repairs.


Traceytreasure said...

Oh gosh, I bet the paw prints on everything are adorable!! ;)
I wish I couldn't use my kitchen for a while....
I'm glad that things are getting back to normal!


Kara said...

ooooh, i have to furniture shop too. though honestly, i rarely buy new. i enjoy the cheapness of vintage. and it gives me coolness superiority.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

ooooo... an excuse to shop! Awesome!!!!! (I don't need excuses, but hey.. I get it. ha..ha..)

Seeker said...

Glad to hear the work is finished; these jobs can be such a pain!

Have a great weekend.

flurrious said...

It's always such a relief when you're done. And the nice thing is that you have an excuse to finish the rest of the place.

Taking appliances along when you move makes a lot of sense to me. I really wouldn't want to use someone else's grotty old washing machine, but my own germs are okay.

Charlie said...

I (We) would love some new furniture, but all of our bullets have been bitten. In halves and then into quarters.

Nevertheless, I (We) are happy for you and Mr. Stinky.

Stinkypaw said...

Traceyt: It WAS cute at the beginning, now not so much.

Kara: You are indeed cool! ;-)

PPPaws: Trust me, I don't need any excuse as well, just some money, and even that at times isn't that necessary.

Seeker: Painful it was!

flurrious: Relief is close. I've always felt that way about a washer, weird no?!

Charlie: Thank you sir.