Monday, March 09, 2009

Motley Post

Ok I’ve been feeling a bit blah, and woke up sneezing and haven’t really stopped, so I’m tired and getting a bit irritated.

- I’m posting a meerkat, in the hopes that Flurrious will come back here. I haven’t seen her (here) in weeks (actually, I’ve never actually seen her), and since I don’t have her email address either, I can’t even ask her what's going on… boohoo.

- I was hoping spring was heading here, and then it was snowing earlier, when will it end?

- Have you also noticed how Blogsville is quiet, or it’s just me? Is it related to the economy? What’s happening, why are people now ‘blogging’ of Bacefook?

- I refused to do Memes on Bacefook. I have a blog for that.

- Since it was so nice to see some “old” friends from High-School, we decided to organize another casual get together, using Bacefook as the contact tool. What started out as our year and the one after is now turning into basically anybody who went to that school. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Good thing is, it will be taking place in a restaurant near-by. I will be able to walk home at anytime.

- Is it a bad sign to plan an exit for something that I help organize?

- What’s the deal with the Twitt thing? Can someone explain, please?

- Anybody watching “Celebrities Apprentice”? I’m enjoying it. Actually I’ve been watching too much tele, but some new shows are good. Anybody watching “Lie To Me”? It’s interesting and I just love it every time they say that this behaviour is proof of lying, and then they show “real” examples, like Clinton, Nixon, O.J. – funny yet scary a little.

- Am I the only one who doesn't care about Nadya Suleman (a.k.a. Octomom)? Yes she's strange and irresponsible, but should we be giving her that much attention? Really?

- Is there anything you'd like to ask me? Anybody?

Ok, that’s enough for now. What’s happening in your neck of the woods? Care to let me know?


Photograph by Mattias Klum for the National Geographic Society.


lizgwiz said...

I don't get the Twitter thing, either. I mean...I have a blog and a bacefook much more do my "friends" need to hear from me?

Just a grail said...

I detest Twitter. I still don't have a bacefook account, I don't have to blog as it is so if I had both I would get fired for sure!

I am BEYOND sick of hearing about Nadya, she is crazy, that is clear, but there are a WHOLE lot of crazies moms and dads out there, I have met most of them and they are not getting any publicity at all.
I feel terribly sorry for the kids however...

Traceytreasure said...

Hope you feel better soon. I've been on Twitter for a couple of months but I feel like such a goofball. I don't know what the hell I'm doing and I'm not sure anyone else really cares.
Planning an Exit for something you helped plan is perfectly normal in my book. Especially if you don't know everyone there. Life's too short to sit through a bad evening with people you don't want to be with, right?
Blogging goes in waves. My readership has been down too. Some of my favorites have just vanished. It's so sad.
As long as you're around Blogland, I'll be around Blogland!!
As for everything else...Yep! You're right!!


Anonymous said...

I did twitter for a little while and then stopped because it was way too much work. And I'm on bacefook but only check it once a day.

My cat does the meerkat thing every day. It's quite adorable.

Janes Insane said...

I kind of like Twitter. I've quit my blog, just ran out of words. As for Bacebook, I tried that & it took on a life of it's own. Yes, the blog world seems to have slowed down tremendously.
As for Nadya, I'm not enraged like others, but this whole thing won't be doable in her circumstances. The reasons (in case you're wondering) that people are so pissed off is all of these pregnancies were done via IVF. After having 6, her doctor puts in 6 eggs!! She doesn't even have a job. 3 of the 6 already had disabilities. Who knows how many of the 8 will... probably most. People look at this & the tremendous $$ this is going to cost the gov't. Millions & millions & millions.
Sheesh, I was fine & then I started writing about it & got all pissed off! hahaha
I'm tired of hearing about her too. I just hope all 14 of her kids are cared for properly.

Now I'll slink off into the corner or something.

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to blow you a kiss!

Marius said...

When a friend invited me to MySpace more than half a decade ago, I joined to be nice. It languished for a year or two before it became popular. Then I went from 1 friend to hundreds. Late last year I got sick of it and deleted it. The same friend got me into Bacefook. I used it mainly to keep in touch with my friends and students from Louisiana when I moved, and I still do, but now there are a smattering of old friends from school and some extended family members. The apps bug me, and I tend to ignore most of them. Twitter I use to stay in touch with the friends I've made on the forums, and while I use it constantly...more so when work is slow...I can easily foresee a time when it will go away and I won't care. I have been rather lax on my blog of late, but to be honest not much is going on in my life that is blog-worthy, and the outside world is so unremittingly bleak that I have trouble finding the funny, and who needs another doomsayer right now?
As for the woman who pumped out a litter of 8 she still in the news? ;-)

Periwinkle Studio said...

I am not sure about the twit thing either. Tried it a few times, but really don't care about it much.

I still have my blog, so you are always welcome to pop over and see me. I haven't been inspired lately, so not sure what to write about. I always question, how personal do I get? Then I don't share....

I have to admit that I have been getting very distracted on bacefook and not sure why....I just keep looking around. I asked my sister and she is too. Neither one of us knows why, we just are.
Have a great day and I hope you get better soon. :)

flurrious said...

I've been here! Although I admit, I had to scroll back several posts to find one I'd last commented on. I'm a bad blend.

I don't twitter. I look at people's pages sometimes if they link to them, but they're pretty boring. I really don't need to know what people are thinking or doing at all times.

I am watching Celebrity Apprentice, though. (I will watch anything.) I like this better than the regular Apprentice because it's hilarious to see people's egos get in the way of the menial tasks. I'm kind of sorry that Andrew Dice Clay was fired first. I think I could have hated him so much more if he'd stayed.

flurrious said...

Oh, I almost forgot: meerkat!

Charlie said...

I'm with most of you: I have no idea what the purpose is of Twitter and frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. Same goes for bacefook and all the other social networks. To me, that's what Blogger is for.

And yes, Blogger readership is down, perhaps because of the former social sites. It would seem like common courtesy, though, when people stop blogging, to post a short note to that effect. Otherwise, we have no idea what happened to them.

Kara said...

blogsville just about expired in my hood due to sickness. this new cold going around shall be dubbed coldphoid.

cinnamon girl said...

Twitter seems to have exploded - in the last half hour I've seen it mentioned on four blogs, and there was a full page article in the paper today about it (our prime minister uses it). I'm having enough issues via Basefook that the idea of adding something else makes me shudder.

Octomother is on the other side of the world to me, and even I'm sick of hearing about her!

"Lie to me" has been showing over here. I saw an ad for it and thought about watching it - then immediately forgot all about it. I hardly ever watch telly, so on the rare occasion that I want to, I almost always forget.

I hope the sneezing clears up. ;-)

Annake said...

I tried Twitter a couple of years ago and didn't care much for it. Reminded me too much of the old AOL days. I tried Bacefook as well but never did much with that either. I must be getting old. I just prefer to call or email my friends.

Blogsville is definitely getting quiet. Maybe there's something in the air? I never seem to have time to blog anymore. :-( And I'm with you, the Octomom stuff needs to just go away!!! But I guess those gossip mags need something to talk about besides Jessica Simpson's weight gain. Ha, I love to be as "fat" as her! LOL!!!!!

Stinkypaw said...

lizgwiz: lol. I wondered the same thing. ...for/from my friends, of course!

Grail: Yes, it is sad for those kids, they didn't choose this.

Traceyt: I will know most people there, since I went to school with them. At least I did know them. But you're totally right about life being too short to sit through a bad evening. Thanks!

greenduckies: I do the same once or twice a day for Bacefook. You should take a picture of your cat and post it.

Janes: I went ot your blog and there was nothing there! WTF? You seems to still have plenty of words ;-) Joking aside you're right, it will cost society a fortune for these poor kids.

Monkey: I caught it, thanks!

Marius: I do the same for most apps (except for Flair ;-) and I also feel my life is quiet at the moment, thus the lack of excitement in posting, but for everyone to feel this way is a bit strange...

Periwinkle: FB is VERY distracting, especially when you start finding people, but other than that I much rather be blogging.

flurrious: Yay, you're back! You're so right about the Celebrities' Apprentice, I much prefer them to the regular people. It's as if we know these people, and I so agree with Clay's early departure, but then again he HAD to go.

Charlie: You're right (once again), common courtesy should be a minimum when a blogger "leaves" Blogsville.

Kara: Poor thing, do take care and come back stong, ok?

cinnamon: Too many "toys", and yet at times it feels like nobody is really keeping in touch, strange. If you think of it, watch at least one episode of "Lie to Me" and let me know what you thought.

Stinkypaw said...

Annake: I so wish I was "that" fat as well! I think I was that weight at 14, gah. If ever you're on Bacefook again, look me up!