Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Canadian, eh?

Nothing much to report except for that I must say at times it sucks to be here.

Let me explain.

Whenever we travelled we always made a point tried not to look “too” American. Depending where one was going, being American wasn’t always a good thing, so we would proudly wear a little Canadian flag somewhere, showing that we were “good Canadians folks”. We never really had issues.

We watched a lot of television. I should say a lot of American television. Not really by choice, often, but because that’s what we get. We watched very little television in French; one show a week, that’s all. This is a choice we make. I’m not saying French TV isn’t good, it’s just not what we watch often.

Whenever we watch TV and they advertise a contest or something of the sort, we are often included with the Hawaiians; we’re not eligible. At times it can be frustrating, but I’ve learned to let it go. Last year I encounter another sort of border, which was from the web: I couldn’t order on some sites (like Waths & Body Borks and Kerpetual Pid). They would let me put things in my basket, but when checkout time arrived I couldn’t pay with a Canadian credit card nor have it delivered in Canada. I went around that hurdle by asking Liz a big favour, and to trust me, since she was ordering and sending me stuff she’d pay for me (I did reimbursed her). She did (as if you didn’t know already she’s a great blend!), and even if Customs sucked me dry (almost) I did get whatever I wanted. I was ok with the delays and all; it was part of the process.

Today, I was reading Attila’s post where she linked to a show she watched. I clicked on it, it started and then got this message informing me it wasn’t allowed to be seen outside the US – really? Wow, that’s a new one, even for me.

What is it about being Canadian that American companies don’t get? We are neighbours. You know that big piece of land between you and Alaska, that’s us. Granted some of us speak French, but we’re not the French. We don’t tell everybody to piss off (I know, not every French do that, only the ones I’ve met through my five years in a French school and through work and such here, I know, I’m sorry), we are a little more selective. Not all of us say “eh” either. Anyway, if you haven’t yet, check this out…

Even if it's to advertise a beer, it made sense (to me, at least). I guess, deep down, I am proud to be French-Canadian… oh well, never mind…


Traceytreasure said...

It's becoming embarrassing to be American these days. You should send me one of your flag pins to wear!! ;)
Maybe I'll just start saying "eh!"

That's a great commercial!!


Charlie said...

I have no idea why many Americans think we're the greatest thing since sliced bread--especially the last eight years with W. and his band of Merry Psychopaths. I don't think we treat Canadians any worse than other "foreigners"--we treat all of them equally shitty.

If I was Canadian, French or not, I'd be proud like I used to be about America. And I love "Oh, Canada"--I used tp sing right along whenever a Canadian NHL team was in town.

Marius said...

One of my podcasting co-hosts is Canadian, and he only occasionally says 'eh'. (although he's usually doing it to mess with me) ;-) And dammit, Stinky, it's nearly bed time and now I want a beer. :-D

flurrious said...

When I was young, someone told me that Canadians eat their hamburgers using knives and forks. This is exactly the kind of thing that breeds international distrust.

Periwinkle Studio said...

I agree with is getting embarrassing to be an American these days. I could go on, but the comment box is much too little!

I am proud of my Canadian neighbors and am VERY happy to have you. There have been times where I wanted to cross the boarder, find a place, and put on your pin! I'll wear one any day!

I am sorry that crap is happening, please know that there are very loud ignorant people who definitely speak for the MINORITY. ((hugs))

Let me know if you want any goodies too...I'll shop for ya! :)

Stinkypaw said...

Traceyt: Send me your address and I'll mail you some!

Charlie: I am proud to be Canadian, times are changing aren't they?

Marius: You don't know what "real" beer is until you've had a good Canadian beer with 5% alcohol!

flurrious: LOL, it might just be.

Periwinkle: Next time I want something I'll ask you, promise!

cinnamon girl said...

That commercial was the best! It was a bit disconcerting to hear 'Land of hope and glory' as the background music though. Suddenly reminded me that you are vassals of the English just like us. ;-)

I totally understand what you mean about travelling outside Canada - we see a lot of little Canadian flags on backpacks here for that very reason.

It never occurred to me before that a Canadian would be bothered by being excluded from US stuff. I can see why though, when you're all on the same land mass. We're usually resigned to it over here too. Most of our TV comes from the US, but months after it's shown over there.

But just recently I encountered that web border for the first time. I really wanted to subscribe to a journal from the US that I can't get over here, and was so disappointed to find that I needed a US bank account to do so. What's up with that?