Friday, March 13, 2009

Your Friday Smile!

As we age, we tend to end up seeing more of the medical establishment.

For example, my internist referred me to a female urologist.

I saw her yesterday and she is gorgeous. She's beautiful and unbelievably sexy.

She told me that I have to stop masturbating.

When I asked her why, she said,

'Because I'm trying to examine you...'

Have a great weekend!


Marius said...

I hate when that happens.

Anonymous said...


I am not able to comment on the other post. I am not sure why. But I had new software downloaded and it hates me.

I think Canada is pretty cool. My friend Beth and I had a great time going to Thunder Bay. I've been there a few times and they have been great vacations.

Traceytreasure said...

Love it!
Thanks dear Stinkypaw! You always deliver!
Have a great weekend!!