Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"You know I'm bad, I'm bad-you know it..."

Isn’t it fascinating how we can go from idle to super busy in a very short time? I think it is. One week to the next differs so much, and yet they’re all the same with a little routine taste to them… strange.

Saturday morning when we got up we knew we had to go pick up our last light fixture, for our bedroom. That was our mission for the day. Hubby decided to instal it right away and be done with chores. I was sitting on the bed, watching him work, when something caught my attention on the bed cover. We use a duvet and change its cover every time we change our sheet. Tobi (our cat), while chasing some vicious bed-mouse, bit/pierced through said cover. We had bough that cover early February and I had only put it on the bed a week or so before. I wasn’t too happy about that. As I’m following this thread (or so I thought it was) I realised there actually was a defect in the cover, I had not seen before. For the price of those things, we decided we would return it on Sunday. Before doing so, I washed it.

I do admit that I wasn’t being honest here. But aside from Tobi’s holes, the cover was defective, right? Right! Glad you’re agreeing with me. So Sunday we made our way to the store and showed the cashier the defect (making sure not to show her the holes further down). I did say I had washed it. She examined it, followed the thread, noticed the little holes, and then said: “There’s not much we can do here, especially since you’ve washed it” And looking at the cover with almost a disgusted look on her face added: “And you’ve used a lot of fabric softener, I can smell it!” to which I shortly answered (read "snap back): “Yes, I did say I had washed it, since I would never put something on my bed before washing it. I did not use any softener, and anyway, it’s not the point. There’s a defect in it.” She hummed and all, to finally call her manager who told her, the only thing they could do was to exchange it. Hubby went to get another cover from their display. The lady was really giving me a hard time, or was rubbing me the wrong way, whichever. I wasn’t enjoying her and her attitude. What she didn’t know is that I can have a MAJOR attitude, and I have a mouth on me… So, we opened the BRAND NEW package right there before her eyes, without me washing it, or adding too much detergent or fabric softener, showed her that one that one as well, there was a defect! I almost wet my undies I was so happy to piss her off.

She kept saying: “This is so strange, we’ve been selling those since January and never had any returns…” We opened three packages, and all were defective. By then her tone had changed. I was still upset, and at the same time relieved to see it wasn’t only our cat who had messed it up, but there was really a defect. Hubby was willing to take the least defective of the three, at a discounted price. They couldn't do that, so I asked to be reimbursed, which they did. We went to another store and bought another cover that coordinated well to the sheet.

The thing I didn’t tell you yet is that while installing our light fixture, Hubby needed to strip the wire of its sheathe and used an utility knife to do so, right above the bed cover… and… you guessed it, cut it. Not much, but enough to see it …If you knew where to look that is! Hee.


Charlie said...

I think that's why we use a quilt instead of a duvet. It matches everything and nothing, and finding imperfections is nearly impossible.

And aren't sales clerks and customer "service" people charming?

Anonymous said...

I have thought of using a duvet but actually putting the comforter into the duvet drives me insane. Plus I never make my bed anyway so there's not much point.

I'm so glad you got to show her up. That's awesome.

Periwinkle Studio said...

OMG! That is funny! I guess you were meant to have a 'hol-ey' bed cover! Muahahahwa

Just cracked me up cuz, it would be something that would happen to me! :)

Traceytreasure said...

Sounds like my luck!
I hate customer service people like her. Sheesh!


Stinkypaw said...

Charlie: Some sales clerks are way more charming than others, but then again I can be "charming" as well! ;-)

greenduckies: We only use the duvet, as a cover, so making the bed is suoer easy! ;-)

Periwinkle: LOL at the "holey" bed ;-)

Traceyt: Both those ladies were "special" to say the least...