Wednesday, April 29, 2009


  • Renos were done, quick and easy this time around. Hopefully it will be the last thing for this year, at least.
  • Last week, I went and got my hair coloured, again. I wanted a change so I decided to go red. Not wine red, but fire truck red. My husband told me the sweetest thing when asked if he minded the colour: “Nah, it’s you!” Have had told you lately how much I love the man?
  • Today, the city planted not one but two little trees in front of the condo, finally.
  • Our accountant came by to drop off our tax reports. Once we were done with business, he asked if I had a chance to look for that guy, and again mentioned that, if I were a man I would look like Danny G. from US Idol. He really seems to think so. Good thing I have a sense of humour and feel confident in my femininity…
  • Something is going on with Tobi (or so I think). He is his usual self except that we’ve noticed that his right ear is getting hairless… Strange, especially since we don’t see him scratching it. About ten years ago, Tobi had a bare belly – completely as well as part of his tail. He licked himself bare! We consulted and the vet told us he was lonely. I got laid off and after being home for a few months noticed his hair growing back. He never had hair issues since, except for the freakin’ hairballs. He has those fairly regularly, despite his food, etc. He does lick a lot, but his ear, that’s just weird. Any ideas you cat owners out there?
  • My fund raising for the Relay is going well, considering… I’m at 82% of my goal. The fundraising diner has taking off though. We were barely seven last week and as of tonight 23 are confirmed! Woohoo! No matter what, it will be a fun evening and a delicious diner.


Periwinkle Studio said...

Must see pictures of your new hair color!

You are so brave! Awesome!:)

kara said...

how strange that loneliness was the cause of the hair loss. wouldn't it be strange if that happened to people? there would be a lot fewer homebodies.

Marius said...

See if there is a product called Laxatone at your pet store. It's a goop that some cats(read: Starbuck) would sell their mothers to get some of. It lubes their digestive tract and prevents the return of hairballs. You might also have his ears checked for ear mites. My former roommates have a cat who likes to chew large patches of his fur off. They've tried meds, behavioral modification, even just yelling at him when he starts to go after his fur, but the bottom line is he's a neurotic little shit who won't stop. So they just live with punk kitty.

Anonymous said...

I want pictures!

flurrious said...

Does he sleep on that ear a lot? Sometimes fur will rub off from contact. I know my cat has bare patches under her collar, even though it's loose enough, and little bare spots above her feet. If Tobi isn't scratching his ear, it's probably not bothering her, but a quick call to the vet wouldn't hurt.