Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's happening in Stinkyland?

Not much if you ask me, but then again somehow it doesn’t quite feel like that. Last week, after almost two years, our AV unit was delivered. Hubby had spotted it when we were shopping for our dinning room set before we moved to the condo. After seeing it, and doing some research on it, because naturally it couldn’t be bought just like that, some “looking into it” and “thinking about it” had to be done, plus our budget was hurting, it was decided we would wait. Inherently, whatever we looked at after was never quite right, as well designed or even comparable. Once the water damages were all done, Hubby decided it was time for us to “complete” our living room and actually order it. Almost twelve weeks later it has been delivered AND it looks as good as we’d hoped and is even more functional than what we’ve hoped.

In other news, our fundraising for “Relay for Life” is going well, especially considering the current economy. In order to raise a little more money, a friend who recently opened a restaurant with her husband, offered to give ten per cent of their sales, if I would organize a group dinner at their place. On May 6th I’ll be doing a fundraising dinner. So far we are nine people – want to join us?

In other news, more renovation will occur at the Paws’. You read correctly, something else needs fixing! I’ve been wondering if we didn’t get a lemon or something when we bought this condo. Granted the builder has been receptive to every letter I’ve sent so far, and will do the repairs, but still, it is very infuriating nonetheless. We just want our home, in one piece, without any work needing to be done… We hate this constant need to redo something and all the works it generally generates afterwards. We’ve had more repairs done here in the last two years, than we’ve had in all fourteen years we’ve had the house. Buying something new does come with headaches, no matter what.

In closing, the weatherman is announcing summer temperature for the weekend. It will be a nice change, if he’s right, which would also be a nice change from the usual, ah!

Don't forget Earth Day - a day to celebrate earth. Go for a walk, do something "green", you'll feel better and it will be good! Every day should be Earth day!


Marius said...

Earth day, you say? Hmm, I've heard nice things about that planet. I might have to pay it a visit. ;-)

Traceytreasure said...

Happy renovations, to you? Wow! I thought you were past all of that. If there are white kitty prints everywhere, will you please take a picture for me?
Happy Earth day to you too! I was our favorite family friend's birthday and our cat Onyx's birthday. I miss them both.


Charlie said...

We celebrated Earth Day a couple weeks ago when we had to replace our air conditioning/heat pump system on the roof of the house--which just turned twenty-five, about the average for an American house before it falls down.

Actually, the new system will be good for the Earth because it uses a new kind of refrigerant and is more energy-efficient, saving us some $$$.

But next to go are the roof tiles...

Anonymous said...

Yikes. That's kind of crazy with all the renovations. I hope it comes to an end soon.

I would so join your for dinner if I could!

Periwinkle Studio said...

Yes, considering the amount of trash we all deposit, everyday should be Earth Day! It would be awesome to have it in our view to remind us of the ways we can heal our planet and stop the destruction. :)

Happy renovations, and I hope this is the last one at least for awhile! :)
Have a great day!

Just a grail said...

How I wish I could come to dinner! :-)
Yuck on the renovations, hopefully soon they will be but a distant memory!
I think every day should be earth day!!

lizgwiz said...

I think everyone I've ever know who built new has complained about all the things that weren't quite right in the first year or so. Of course, on the flip side, once they're all ironed out you should have a few years before things start wearing out. ;)

I wish I could join you for dinner!

Stinkypaw said...

Marius: You might like it!

Traceyt: I'm hoping there won't be paws prints everywhere, it's supposed to be a clean & quick job - let's keep our fingers crossed!

Charlie: I also noticed after 25 that I start to fall down a little... hummm... Renos suck (in everyway possible!) don't they?

greenduckies: I would so welcome you to dinner! :-)

Periwinkle: I'm hoping to sell this place before any other renovations!

Grail: I'd love to have you among us, too.

lizgwiz: I'm hoping it will settle SOON! And would love to have some pasta with you m'dear!

Pixie said...

de-lurking and commenting for the first time! :)

Hopped over from Grail's.

Loved your blog, makes me smile at the funnies ! :)
Earth day - we try and do our best, but most people are still very ignorant about the whole thing and stubborn to boost, so getting the message across such people is a bit difficult...

Hope the renovations are all done by now.

Stinkypaw said...

Pixie: Welcome to my world, and hope to see you around again some time soon.