Monday, May 25, 2009

It is THAT good!

If you’re also a friend on Kaceboof, then you know that I’m enjoying my friends today, both real and virtual. Why that is?

I’ve received a nice little box from England in which Pigeon (who has left the blogworld a while back, but with whom I still exchange from time to time) sent me some biscuits and some tea! How much more English can you get, really?

What made my day though was when I saw my own little Trevor!! It’s sooo cute, in its petite ness. There’s also a cute little cat, which is in fact a paw stamp, so appropriate, and last but not least a nice pair of earring compliments of the pretty missy! Did I say I love my friends? Well, I do!

I was reading a post earlier about how one should or not respect the “No Gifts” statement on some invitations. I’m one who will respect the request, even if I tend to give “just because”. I love giving, but I must say, when I get a lovely box out of the blue like I did today, I can’t help to smile. It is fun to discover what’s in there, and that alone is worth it.


Marius said...

She is a luv, isn't she. :-)

Traceytreasure said...

You have the BEST friends, EVER!! How did you get so lucky?

Maybe, you're just THAT good!! :)

Congrat, enjoy and hugs!!

Charlie said...

What a nice surprise package!

You are a giver, SP, but it is nice to receive once in a while.

And isn't nice to know that, after about a thousand years, the English and the French aren't squabbling anymore??

tNb said...

Watch out for that Yorkshire tea ... it's a wee bit stronger than Red Rose ;-)

Stinkypaw said...

Marius: She is!!

Traceyt: Thanks!

Charlie: LOL, very true, especially here in QC where French and English are known for their differences!

tNb: I'm sure it is, even if I haven't had a cup of Red Rose in years!

pawpads said...

My favourite ever bikkies.
I can't stop at just one or two ~ I demolish the whole pack.

Enjoy them.

Stinkypaw said...

pawpads: I haven't opened them yet, because I remember the last time she sent me some I couldn't eat "just" one or two! Yummy!

Just a grail said...

Yay, what a happy surprise!!

Anonymous said...


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