Friday, May 22, 2009

What a week!

There are times in which one feels that no matter what or how, there isn’t enough time to get every thing done… this week felt that way. I feel like I should be shaking it off, like a dog after a bath, and move on to the next. One of the things I enjoy about working from home is the freedom I have to plan my time. This past week was planned tight, and that I didn’t enjoy too much. I like to have some room to play with.

Little things I’ve done:
  • Went to the market with a friend, bought some flowers for our condo’s façade.
  • Went to the post office to have a letter registered: we’ve found yet another leak. This one is small, but it is also due to the poor workmanship of the contractor’s plumber.
  • Pick up my mother at the bus stop for a quick visit.
  • Went by the vet’s office to renew Tobi’s prescription and exchange his dry food for another one which he doesn’t like that much, but at least eats some of.
  • Plant our flowers with a friend, and my mother.
  • Bake a cake called “Better Than Sex” (I think not!)
  • Attended my meditation class. That was Tuesday.
  • Make a BIG batch of chilli.
  • Prepare my meeting with the Team for the Relay.
  • Do some errands
  • See the neurologist for some tests results. That appointment was cut short due to some smoke in the ventilation system and upon request of firemen to leave the building… On our way out, were informed by the doctor that he’ll be gone for six months. Nice.
  • Finish preparing food for dinner for Team.
  • Team Meeting for everyone to meet before the Relay, to collect all money, to inform everyone of the schedule and unveil our team’s caps for this year. Those little monkeys got a lot of reactions… go figure! Ha!
  • Clean up after everyone left. Good thing Mom & Hubby were there to help!
  • Sort all donations received and get everything ready for the Canadian Cancer Society. That was Wednesday.
  • Meet a friend, which I had not seen in over six years, for coffee. Nice to catch up with her. Time does fly and we’re really not that aware of it…sad.
  • Quickie shopping stop along to way, for mom. She managed to find four shirts in 20 min., tried them on and all.
  • Drove mom back to bus stop, barely in time for her to catch it…
  • Did some work, returned calls/emails.
  • Friend dropped by for a visit, looked at her pictures from China.
  • Went to pick up t-shirts for Relay for Life and hand in cash donations.
  • Drove back home, and walked to Chinatown for dinner.
  • Pick up a donation along the way, yay!
  • Walked back home, checked my emails, Kaceboof, updated my blog and now it’s time for bed.
I don't know about you, but I'm beat and I haven't done Friday yet... Oh yeah, to my American friends, do enjoy your long weekend on this fine Memorial weekend!



Marius said...

Zoinks! Here's wishing you a boring weekend. Sounds like you could use one. And this may be providential, but the word captcha is extrial.

flurrious said...

Those caps are adorable! I love that they have tails.

kara said... i want chili.

lizgwiz said...

My, my, you HAVE been a busy little bee! :)

Charlie said...

Lettuce see . . . if I'd had a things-to-do list like yours, I would have a couple done.

And the monkey hats are nifty.

Anonymous said...

I love those hats! I wish I were walking in Montreal on the team!

Traceytreasure said...

I'm tired after reading that but flowers, chili and cake rock!! I hope you got to enjoy some of your week, your Mom's visit and you weren't running wild the entire time!! I sure hope you can relax this weekend. I have to work on Saturday and Monday!! No long weekend for me...

Thanks anyway!!


Stinkypaw said...

Marius: The weekend wasn't boring, rather quiet and quite expensive!

flurrious: The 3 teens (boys) on the Team were REALLY not impressed! ;-)

kara: Me too, so I did another batch on Sat. yummy!

lizgwiz: Buzz, buzzz!

Charlie: I'm sure we'll get reactions at the Relay! Ha!

Monkey: THought you might like them! :-)

Traceyt: It was fun, and a slow weekend was welcome as well!

Periwinkle Studio said...

Wow! That IS a lot! It sounds a lot like my life when the school year is in session!

BTW! I LOVE those caps! Can I ask where you got them? I would like to get one for my niece if I could. :)