Monday, June 29, 2009

About my little test…

First, let me thank you for taking the time to answer me. Much appreciated.

Second, I want to make clear that I’m not rich, nor poor. We’re comfortable. We’re also “kidless”, which means we do spend money on ourselves. From what I’ve observed of friends and relatives, often, parents will spend more on their children than they will for themselves, or at least with less guilt.

Third, I don’t buy clothes often; neither does FB Hubby (but for different reasons). I don’t like shopping for clothes. Everything is made for anorexic teens or the like, so when you’re no longer a teen (except in your head, of course!), nor have the body of a skinny, shapeless person is shopping a thing you want to do.

Fourth, the “scenario” I described last week is actually something that happened. Not far from home there is this little “designer” shop. The lady makes some interesting simple clothes, for women. I first went in and bought a raincoat. It was well adjusted, to my body, and it fit me like a glove. When I went back to pick up the coat, I noticed a nice skirt. I tried it on as well as a few tops. I bought four pieces that day. When I got home, I checked my bill (like I always do) and realised that she had made a mistake. She forgot to charge me $82. I went back the following day to pay her back. She thanked me and that was that. Then a few weeks later I went back to look at a dress I would see in her store front every time I drove by. I tried on a few different models and ended up ordering another four pieces (three dresses custom fitted and a little jacket). She asked me for a 50% deposit, which I paid. She called me when the jacket was ready and let me leave with it without paying anything additional. I then went back to try the dresses for a fitting. She had some additional alterations to make. While I was there I told her about a piece (a top) I had first bought that I thought was a bit short for me. She offered to make me a new one and only charge me for the one I’ve wore already. Since I liked these tops I accepted her offer. She said she was giving me a 20% discount because I was ordering so many pieces. When I got home I checked my invoice to realise that I had paid the original piece 0.60 cents less than the “deal” she was given me… (Did I say she’s the first one to say she’s no good with numbers?!) When she called me a week or so later to pick up everything, I showed her the “deal” she had given me. She had simply charged me the wrong price… As she was packing my dresses I reminded her about the balance left of my invoices. She had completely forgotten. Again, when I got home, I decided to add everything up. As I went through all the invoices and receipts, I thought she had forgotten to charge me for a few pieces, or she had forgotten to make her Visa deposit or something. I called her back, but she was closed and gone on vacations for two weeks. There was a difference of about $600.

Fifth, I must say in the last week, I’ve asked many people what they would do, and most were saying just like you. ? I’ve looked at all my credit card statements and from what I could see, there was about $600 charge not showing. Like many of you I thought if it had been a “big” player I would have stick it to the man, even if it’s not honest, no matter how you look at it. I even thought of “teaching her” a lesson and not tell her, but then I guess the “guilt” thing played in… I remembered last night, that about a month ago, we were notified by our bank that some fraud occurred on FB Hubby’s card and therefore started using another card. The $600 was on that other card. There goes any doubts I might of had, eh.


Marius said...

Ow, ow, OW! I was told that there would be no math on this test! Now my brain hurts.


flurrious said...

Is there a diagram that goes with this post? I need a diagram. Or a pie chart. Or pie!

Charlie said...

When all is said and done, Stinky, your heart was in the right place.

Monkey said...

Aren't you the sly one. Before you noticed the charge on the other card, had you decided what you were going to do?

kara said...

this woman is still in business? you gave her plenty of chances. any payment she loses out of on you is her fault due to INCOMPETENCE. if she wants to stay in the black, she needs to hire a bookkeeper.

Stinkypaw said...

Marius: This coming from the "geek", yeah ok! ;-)

flurrious: and now you, Missy! Never mind the pie chart, but I can do pie!

Charlie: It was... I think?!

Monkey: Honestly, my first reaction was to say "screw it", but then I thought I'd let her know. So yes, my decision was made that next week I would go back and pay her.

kara: She actually went bankrupt once before, I guess she hasn't learned her lesson... I guess people like that don't/won't learn!

greenduckiesgirl said...

Brain hurts now. Heart thinks you're lovely