Sunday, June 21, 2009

I got chills. They're multiplyin'. And I'm losin' control

yep, I want to write. This is the third post I’m re-writing. It feels like a traffic jam in my head, so much to say and yet I don’t quite know which exit to take, I guess I'm losing control!

My back wasn’t really getting better, so I decided to consult another osteo, closer to home. I’ve known my osteo for over ten years, and truly like her, she’s great, but she hasn’t been practising much due to health problems. She will, on occasion, see me at her place, since we’ve also became friends and I know her husband to be very well. Lately their lives has been too hectic, wedding planning, her health, her teaching job, etc. and getting to see her was tough. So I googled some osteos in our area; found one up our street. I had my first appointment with him on Thursday. I’m happy I went. I liked him. I’m very first impression. If I don’t like you or the vibes I get from you, forget it, I don’t care how good or nice you may be, it didn’t click, sorry. When I saw him I thought, “oh, he’s a cutie!” He’s young, shy and with a lovely accent. Raarr, can you hear the cougar in me? I sure can! I find he looks like a young Gordon Ramsay, but with brown hair. His treatment helped my back and that is the most important thing. This cougar was purring when she walked out of there, with her looser back, eh!

Last week when I saw President Obama (wow, it’s actually the first time I write his name, nice!) smack that fly I thought some people would react. The next day when I heard people from PETA were complaining, etc. I couldn’t believe it. Let’s get real people; this is too much.

No wonder the world is fucked up the way it is, we take ourselves way too seriously for our own good. There’s politically correct and then there’s plain stupid. It’s as if we can’t do anything anymore without offending someone, this is ridiculous. We’re not all the same, why can’t we accept that? Some are weaker, some are poorer, some are darker, some are more intelligent. Life isn’t fair. A man and a woman will never be equal. They shouldn’t be. There are differences between us and that’s just the way it is. Man can do physical stuff that (some) women can, but surely not all. We, women, can give birth, and that is something that only us can do, and I don’t care how evolve science gets that is something only us can/should do. Being corrected when I say “blind”, or “black” is really starting to piss me off. Why can’t we say that? I’m not using the “N” word that is just plain wrong. A black person is black and I’m white, so? Actually I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I’m an egg. Yes, an egg! By Asian people nonetheless. Why? (You know an egg, white on the outside and yellow on the inside) maybe it's because after all I have twenty plus years of karate, like Asian cuisine, eat with chopsticks, who knows?

Recently I got an email, more like a rant, about racism, and when I think of it, the author was right. Racism is everywhere, coming from all directions towards everyone. Why is it ok for visible minorities to be proud of their heritage and when we white folks rally for anything we’re being discriminatory or even racists… I can’t help and wonder about that. If someone isn’t doing their job correctly and get fired why does it have to turn into racism or some other crap like that? No, you got fired because we were lazy and incompetent. It had nothing to do with your colour or your religious beliefs; you weren’t good at that job.

Everyone feels they’re entitled to something. It is owed to them. Fewer people take pride in their work, in a job well done. Common sense is gone, as well as courtesy and pride. It’s sad.

Yesterday I could hear kids playing outside, and it made me sad when I realised, I couldn’t just open my front door and offer them Popsicles. I don’t know these kids, nor do I really want to, to be honest, but to think that a stranger wanting to do a good deed could be interpreted as a gesture to lure them in some way or some sort of ill intention. It’s a sad reflection of our society when before even doing something nice we think of how it might be perceive… argh.

Ok, my rant is over… Back to our regular programming shortly.


Just a grail said...

I could not agree with you more if I had written that myself! STANDING OVATION!!!

Glad your back is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Wait. People complained because he swatted a fly? Are you serious?

Racism is bad, I don't like it. I don't necessarily like being politically correct as well and care more about what the specific person defines themselves as. For example, I was reading the message boards about Zoe Saldana and there was this huge argument about what we should call her - she wasn't African American, etc. The one thing that I liked was someone quoted her from an interview she did where she said "I am a black woman." End of discussion. And yet people were still arguing. Really? Why does it even matter what color or nationality or religion or sexual preference someone is? We're all humans.

Okay, my rant is over. I'm glad you found a hottie osteo that made your back feel better!

Stinkypaw said...

grail: Thank you, thank you!(taking a bow)

greenduckies: I'm very serious, it was on our news for a few days! And I'm happy to about my hottie osteo, at worst, it makes my "mental" feels better when I see him! ;-)

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Wow, Stinkypaw! I wish you lived next door! You could give my kids popcicles and I'd like one too!
Hugs and love,

Marius said...

PETA just needs to STFU! My favorite comment about Obama's flyicide was "He's a ninja!"

I like the idea of a ninja president.

Glad your back feels better.

Purple Pigeon said...

What on Earth are you supposed to called blind people???

lol, i hope no one informs PETA about my spider slaughtering antics, I'll be hauled away!

Stinkypaw said...

Momster: I'd give you one for sure!

Marius: I much prefer a Ninja President to a nasty one! ;-)

Piegeon: I was informed we're supposed to say "Visually challenged"... of course they're blind!

Purple Pigeon said...

have just thought, you can call ''visually challenged'' people what you like on your blog....cuz they can't read it anyway.

yep, i'm definatley going to hell.