Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You might need insuline after this sweet post.

Today is a beautiful summer day in Montréal, go figure. The weather changes so fast, it’s unreal. Yesterday almost felt like fall and today full bloom summer.

Things are good with us. We’re working, both of us, we’re both healthy, despite the excess luggage I carry, but as I told a cousin who was commenting on her weight issues, I think it would be poor judgement on our parts to diet after investing all this time and money in our bellies. I may not be an investment wizzard but I don’t like to throw away money just like that. Talk about a wasteful investment. And darn it, food is good!

Today, after meeting a client of mine I went by FB Hubby’s current client, picked him up and went for dim sum. It was nice to have a quick “dunch-late” with my husband. It actually gave us both the opportunity to bitch about misc. web monkeys (as he calls them) we’ve been dealing with for our respective clients. There’s nothing I hate more than having to rush because a client of mine forgot something. Their lack of competence then becomes my problem or rather my emergency. I dislike it so much I actually informed a client this afternoon, that because his assistant is screwing up my work, my “having to rush” to complete their reports should be charged as an “emergency call”, i.e. 1.5 my regular rate. Let’s see how this plays out…

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see me around much the rest of the week, since tomorrow is a legal Holiday in Québec, we celebrate St-Jean Baptiste Day, I’ll be heading north to my mother’s. She’s moving (again) and I’ll be a good daughter and stay with her to help her during the next few days. That should be fun. Not! She won’t get her new place before mid-July, so she’ll be staying at a campground, in her mobile home. All her stuff will be stored until then, should be an interesting move. Nothing is ever simple with my mother.

In other news, I’ve been going cuckoo with anything vampire lately. A friend had lend me “Dead Until Dark” by Charlaine Harris, and I enjoyed it so much that I ordered the whole box set, which I haven't read yet. Maybe they’re glamorizing me or something through books and screen? Don’t laugh; don’t you remember those kids in Japan having seizures because they were watching some cartoons? It could happen no?

FB Hubby isn’t too keen on these “newfangled mutant vampires” as he calls them. He liked the good old one, who couldn’t stand garlic or the sight of a cross, or the sun… Maybe it’s related to the fact that his grandfather was from Transylvania, and he grew up with a vampire model like Bela Lugosi, the original vampire… He laughed at Edward when he sparkled while we watched the movie, but he did like Bill’s explanations (in “TrueBlood”) about spreading themselves those lies like not being visible in mirrors so that when in front of one, people wouldn’t think they were vampires. No matter what, my imagination is going full blast with vampires, shape shifters etc. It’s so much fun! And to add to my excitement, the new Harry Potter movie will soon be out. I’m smiling like that dog just about now.

Yep, when the sun is out and shinning like this, life is good!


Green-Eyed Momster said...

Awesome post, Stinkypaw! Happy celebrating St-Jean Baptiste Day! I'll have to Google it. I am not up on your holidays!
Good luck with your Mom's move. I sure hope she likes camping! I don't!
Love that picture of the smiling dog!


Just a grail said...

Stinky - Glad you are happy and I agree that dieting is a waste of all the good food that got us to our present figures! And like momster, I will have to google St. Jean Baptiste Day!

kara said...

damnit i love true blood. i haven't read any of the books, though because they don't include naked pictures of bill.

Stinkypaw said...

Momster: Thank you! Mom loves camping, so she should be ok... St-Jean was originally a religous celebration for French speaking Canadian, which turned into something a little more political now, but still about being proud to be French in Québec...

Grail: It does make sense, doesn't it, about diets, argh, what a nasty word!

kara: Actually Bill is much better in books than he is in "TrueBlood", at least in my head! ha!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yay! I love Charlaine Harris - she's got another series about a woman who was struck by lightening when she was 15 and now can find dead people. She's really good at the paranormal.

You may also like Kim Harrison, she writes a series about vampires, witches, elves and fairies all living in the world with humans. It's really good. Throw in some demons and shapeshifters as well.

The HP movie looks great. I can not wait - if only to continue my deep lust for Snape. I do like my bad boys (although Draco is just irritating).